Scotland radioactive alert

Posted: October 15, 2011 in Environment, Law & Disorder

ToffTories’ idea of helping the environment appears to be fining people for putting rubbish in the wrong bins and making windpower companies megarich with subsidies for what is proving to be an inefficient and expensive source of energy.

More pressing I would have thought would be to clean up the section of Scottish coastline which has been cordoned off after scientists found a radioactive object ten times more contaminated than any found there before.

Metal detectors take note Fife is not the place to look for metal artifacts.

Particles were first found on the shoreline of Dalgety Bay more than 20 years ago and the contamination has been linked to childhood cancer.

IlieThe radiation is believed to originate from radium coatings from dials on military aircraft based at Donibristle airbase which were supposedly burnt after World War II.

The Scottish Environment Protection Agency (Sepa) has said around 100 new radioactive fragments wash up at Dalgety Bay each year.

Sepa expert Dr Paul Dale said the level of contamination found recently in one fairly large piece of debris found in Dalgety Bay measured ten megabecquerels. Sounds like a breakfast cereal doesn’t it?

Previously the highest level of radiation measured in the area was 1.1 megabecquerels.

Apparently the radiation in the object uncovered was of a high enough level to cause burns to the skin. Radioactive particles can also cause health problems if injested – particularly by a child.

Sepa scientists now believe the radioactive material is coming from landfill containing aircraft debris that is now eroding into the sea.

All restaurant’s staff were illegal workers

UKBA officers visited the Tripti Restaurant on Market Place in Chalfont St Peter at around midday on Friday 7th October and questioned staff to check they had the right to work in the UK. Picture shows restaurant how it looks now devoid of its illegal working staff.

All six Bangladeshi men who were working there at the time were arrested for immigration offences.

Four, aged between 28-years-old and 33-years-old, were in the country illegally after overstaying their visas. One, aged 23-years-old, was a student working in breach of his visa, another, aged 32-years-old, was a failed asylum seeker.

The six are now in detention pending their removal to the empty of people country of Bangladesh.

Meanwhile as fast as we get rid of illegals more try to enter the UK.

Nine foreign nationals were prevented from illegally entering the country after they were intercepted at North Shields ferry terminal. The find is the largest ever stowaway interception by UKBA officers at a North East port.

The Albanian men were discovered when UKBA officers working at the dock examined two Romanian registered lorries that had arrived on Monday’s early morning ferry from the Netherlands.

The stowaways, whose ages ranged from 20-years-old to 40-years-old were removed from the lorry and questioned. After investigations by our officers, and liaison with the Dutch authorities, all nine were returned to the Netherlands on the late afternoon ferry the same day. Well done, at least they were not allowed into the UK so do-gooders can try and get them asylum here with the taxpayer footing the bill.

Sham marriage quartet in court

Four people from Leicester arrested on suspicion of staging a sham wedding ceremony in Downpatrick have appeared in court charged with immigration offences.

UKBA officers prevented a suspected sham wedding between a woman from Leicester and an Indian national from taking place at Down District Council offices on Tuesday 11th October.

The wanna-be bride 25-year-old Ayesha Mullan, who is a British citizen, appeared before Bangor Magistrates Court yesterday, charged with ten counts of assisting unlawful immigration, two counts of bigamy related to multiple marriages and one count of perjury.

She was bailed to appear in court at a later date, that’s if she doesn’t ‘scapo flow’ and join the Lost Asylum Seeker Brigade with the two sham marriage witnesses, Mohasin Daudbhai Patel, 27, and Vali Ahmed Musa Patel, 58, who also made bail.

The would-be-groom Salauddin Daudbhai Bhadki a 37-year-old Indian national appeared at the same court today charged with seeking to obtain leave to remain in the UK by deception and was remanded in custody.


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