Stagecoach ban paint on buses

Posted: October 14, 2011 in Broken Britain

When did it all go wrong for Britain?

Thinking about decorating your home well read this warning if you plan to take the bus home.

One of the Weller sons goes to B&Q to get a tin of paint to do up one of the bedrooms, pays for it, sticks it under a little Weller’s buggy and trots off to the bus stop. Along comes a Stagecoach bus and on they get. Hold up says the driver as he spots the tin of paint, you can’t come on the bus with that.

Apparently Stagecoach have banned the transport of household paint on their buses. It can’t be in case it spills as normally I have to take a screwdriver and mallet to get the lid to move a fraction of an inch. I suppose with the handle it could be swung about and used as a weapon.

Anyway, a compromise was reached enabling the bus to continue on its journey as the Weller son wasn’t about get off and walk, pushing a buggy with child and paint the six miles home, on the understanding that if a bus inspector got on the bus and spotted the dangerous tin of household paint they would be slung off – wife, child, buggy, tin of paint and all.

Is the UK about to ditch sterling for US dollars

Our local primary school this week sent out a class of children as a treat, because their class had the best attendance record, to a toy shop to buy toys for the class. Yes, kids are bribed to attend schools these days.

Anyway one of the items they came back with was a cash register which in essence is an educational toy as it teaches kids about adding and taking away sums of money and gets them familiar with our currency so they get used to handle Job Seekers Allowance which they will get when they leave school because migrant workers have taken all the jobs that are available in our area.

Unfortunately when the ‘saucepan lids’ (kids) went to play with it they found it had US currency so familiarisation with our currency went out the window.

Still as it was made in China I doubt whether anyone there has seen sterling since the Boxer Rebellion so they probably used the one they are most familiar with.

A poem

A dollar is a dollar, a dime is a dime
but this here currency is definitely not mine.

Rainbow police

North Wales police force yesterday announced it would be placing rainbow stickers on the front desks of police stations in order to make gay and lesbians feel more confident about reporting crime.

North Wales police said it hoped that displaying the rainbow would make the gay, lesbian and transgender community feel safer and less apprehensive about talking to officers, especially if reporting homophobic offences.

The rainbow, it said, was a globally recognised symbol of acceptance that would help reinforce the constabulary’s commitment to equality and diversity.

What’s the betting this illegal doesn’t get deported

An illegal immigrant, living in Birmingham, has been jailed for using a false passport to try and stay in the UK.

Arfan Ali, 34, of Castleford Road, Sparkhill was arrested during an operation in Birmingham on 9th June.

During the investigation, UKBA officers discovered a Pakistani passport in the identity of another person, but with Ali’s photo, which he had tried to use to apply for leave to remain in the UK. This application was refused.

Officers checked Ali’s immigration status and discovered that he was a Pakistani national who had overstayed his visa.

Ali was charged with seeking leave to remain by deception and remanded into custody. He appeared at Birmingham Crown Court on 9th September where he entered a guilty plea.

On Friday 7th October he was sentenced to 16 months imprisonment although probably cut in half to 8 months it will still give time for some woman to come forward and say she is pregnant by him and that they have bought a cat together so he can’t get deported.

Gor blimey what a two and eight (state) this country is in.


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