Free funeral for organ donation

Posted: October 11, 2011 in General, NHS WATCH

Roll up, roll up get a free funeral, all we ask for is your body for organ donation.

IlieThe so called ‘think tank’ Nuffield Council of Bioethics has suggested organ donation could be increased if the NHS paid for the funerals of people who sign over their bodies. Presumably when they say NHS will pay they actually mean the taxpayer will pay.

Apparently the demand for organs for transplants far outstrips supply, mind you this figure could be cut if we stopped foreigners coming to the UK for the organs we do get to be transplanted into them.

I’m surprised the ToffTories, who treat the public as cash cows seeming to grab every penny they can out of our wages in taxes and duties whilst local councils are charging extra for services which should be encompassed in the council tax, haven’t come up with the idea of ending the lives of those comatose hospital patients so they can whip out their organs for their sick rich mates. It would free up more hospital beds too.

Here’s another downside to the idea, how long before relatives of elderly people start pressurising them into donating their organs so they will not have the expense of their funerals.

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