Hospital waiting lists cut

Posted: October 8, 2011 in Broken Britain, Law & Disorder

IlieRead all about it,

How hospital waiting list are going to be cut,
Fraudster walks free from court, judge said he’ll be a vulnerable prisoner,
Britain’s burning, man became fireball,
Sham marriage couple jailed,
Read all about it!

I used to like hearing the London newspaper vendors shouting out the news when I was a kid. A van used to pull up and a great bundle of papers were thrown out at the feet of the vendor. They were stuck in a yellow metal cabinet and then the vendor geezer used to go back into the pub whilst customers buying ‘linen drapers’ (newspapers) outside used to leave the money on top of the stand.

My old man used to send me down the ‘frog and toad’ (road) for the ‘lardy dar’ and the ‘singing the blues’ (The Star and the Evening News). I seem to remember the papers used to be pink and green respectively on Saturdays because they had the latest sports results in.

Anyway back to the news

This is how Toff/Tories propose to cut hospital waiting lists.

IlieFirstly cutting public transport services.

A promised bus link to a new hospital with pick-ups every two hours has been scrapped.

The £8 million service would have transported Borough Green and West Malling residents directly to the £225 million Tunbridge Wells Hospital, Kent from 6am to 11pm which opened on September 21st.

Now passengers face an hour-long journey on two buses if they have an appointment or need to visit relatives.

When the hospital was being planned in 2007, NHS pledged to provide a direct link.

Secondly many Local Authorities countrywide are withdrawing funding from volunteer drivers who get patients too and from surgeries and hospitals due to ToffTory financial cuts.

Result, less people can get to hospitals for their appointments creating shorter waiting lists.

Let’s not forget ToffTories promise to increase midwife numbers either.

How are they doing it, shutting down birthing units thus needing less midwives.

An unbelievable bit of justice idiocy

IlieA personal banker who stole more than £38,000 from an elderly customer who he befriended walked free from court yesterday after a judge ruled that he would be a ‘vulnerable’ prisoner.

Martin Smith, 45, repeatedly transferred cash to his own account and continued taking money even after 88-year-old Eileen Faint was taken in to hospital, where she later died.

Britain burning update

Witnesses have described seeing a human fireball running along the street, screaming that he had been attacked.

Detectives are investigating after the victim was seen on fire in Westgate Road, South Norwood, south London last Saturday.
The man, in his 30s, was later discovered in nearby Portland Road around 6.10pm suffering from burns.

His condition is described as “critical but stable” and police are still waiting to talk to him in hospital.

Meanwhile, police are “keeping an open mind” about another fire in Westgate Road around the same time. Firefighters had been called to a house on Saturday shortly before 6pm where it is believed a petrol bomb was thrown into a back garden, setting light to a gazebo.

Hmmm, petrol bomb thrown – man running down road alight?

Sham marriage jailing

Two members of a sham marriage gang who attempted to stage a bogus wedding at Hatfield Register Office were jailed Thursday (6th October).

IlieBride Luisa Ruano, 27, was jailed for 8 months and wedding guest Masood Ahmed, 39, for 16 months at St Albans Crown Court.

Hold up, isn’t Masood Ahmed a character from Eastenders?

The groom, 22-year-old Pakistani national Tallah Bin Wakeel, failed to appear and a warrant has been issued for his arrest. They had all pleaded guilty to charges of conspiring to facilitate a breach of immigration law at earlier hearings.

Their plot was uncovered when UKBA officers from the immigration crime team stepped in at the St Albans Road East register office to stop the wedding between Wakeel and Ruano, a Spanish national, shortly before it was due to start on 25th May. Ahmed, who is also Spanish, had been acting as an interpreter for the couple.

Wakeel, of the Drive, Isleworth, hoped his marriage to an EU national would aid his bid to gain long-term residency in the UK with the associated rights to work and claim benefits.

Paul Hedges from the immigration crime team, UK Border Agency said:

‘Ruano, Wakeel and Ahmed thought the façade they had created was entirely believable, but you did not have to dig very deep to realise everything about the marriage was wrong.

‘The couple did not share a common language, the rings had been bought on the day of the ceremony and the dress from a charity shop just a day earlier. The flowers were from a supermarket and the presents were empty shoe boxes covered in wrapping paper. This was no one’s idea of a dream wedding.’

At least the flowers weren’t from a garage.

Suspicions about the wedding were first raised on 19th April when Wakeel and Ruano attended the Register Office to give their notice of marriage. The registrar was concerned that the couple could not communicate with one another without an interpreter and contacted us. Well done that Registrar, that’s the type of person who should get an MBE not pop stars and the like.


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