Traffic to be held every 90 secs.

Posted: October 2, 2011 in General, Law & Disorder

Here’s a road to avoid on a Saturday.

Britain is to get its first ‘hands-free’ pedestrian crossing – so that devout Jews do not have to break a religious law that prohibits them from using electricity or operating machinery on the Sabbath.

The crossing is near a busy synagogue, and pressing a button to operate it is considered a breach of the strict rules that apply to Orthodox Jews.

Traffic will be held every 90 seconds from Friday evening until nightfall on Saturday, covering the Jewish Sabbath period.

The crossing will be situated on one of London’s busiest roads – the North Circular at the Henlys Corner junction.

The system will come into operation in December when the junction fully reopens after a massive ten-month upgrade costing £8 million.

Picture shows Transport of London’s view of how it will look, add about another 100 cars and 200 people and it will give a truer view.

Mind you a synagogue has stood nearby since 1935, the current building dates from 1967 so what’s the sudden need to hold up traffic every 90 seconds?

The owner of a string of Indian restaurants has been jailed for 6 months after admitting trying to cheat UK immigration rules.

IlieShafiqul Haque, 61, of Waterside Lane, Rochdale, was today sentenced at Carlisle Crown Court after he previously pleaded guilty to six offences of facilitating illegal working in the UK.

The sentence wass the result of an investigation by UKBA that started back in July 2009. Illegal immigrants were found to be working and living on site at Tagore Restaurant in Ambleside and The Emperor of India in Windermere leased by Haque,

An immigration crime team raided both restaurants and the investigation revealed foreign nationals illegally working for Haque.

Haque was arrested for offences of facilitation relating to employing and harbouring individuals not entitled to be in the UK.

As part of the investigation, an application was made under the Proceeds of Crime Act. This has been adjourned for the benefit figure to be set.

About time, a prison sentence is far better than a fine – that is never going to be paid – as a deterrent against employing illegals.


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