ASDA Prohibition policy

Posted: October 1, 2011 in Broken Britain

What is it with superstores and our Weller girls, we’ve already had one of them refused cutlery at Argos because they didn’t look over 25 now it’s the turn of ASDA to be judgmental.

Our 29-year-old together with ‘Mrs W’ went to ASDA to do the ‘weekly shop’, why do women call it the weekly shop most go shopping of one sort or another every day, anyway they turn up at the checkout and start passing the stuff through the beeper then the cashier spies 4 dumpy bottles of beer.

I can’t sell you those you don’t look over 25 says the cashier but I’m 29 with 5 ‘saucepan lids’ (kids) says my girl.

Cashier now wants picture id to confirm age but like most people coming up to 30 my daughter doesn’t carry picture id like 18-year-olds tend to carry so they can get served in pubs and the like.

Mrs W, always aware that a grumbling customer queue is building up behind her says, put them in my trolley I’ll pay for them.

A good idea to end this farce you would say but no, officious cashier decides that Mrs W is going to pass the 4 dumpy bottles of beer to her 29-year-old daughter and is breaking some non-existent alcohol law.

Anyway they left without the beer leaving my daughter to buy it in Tesco down the road later on.


The legal age to buy alcohol is 18 but shops do operate the ‘look 21 scheme’ to avoid ‘run ins’ with the authorities about selling to the underaged. ASDA appear to be running a ‘look 25 scheme’ whilst finding an excuse not to sell to anyone of any age seems to be the policy of ASDA cashiers.

  1. anon says:

    After working in many places that sell alcohol, M&S, Asda, threshers. The stores’ policies are “Challenge 25”. This is to help protect the cashier. If a cashier sells to someone who is under 18, they are personally fined thousands and then the store is.
    So to protect the cashier ( who as you can imagine, even on full time hours will not take home a grand a month) the “challenge 25” came in. They realised that under 18’s can appear to look over 21, but over 25 is a little more difficult.
    Management will always support the staff member because selling alcohol laws are so strict and they do not want to lose their license.
    Unfortunately, I have an out of date passport and an original non-photo driving licence. I’m in my 30’s but look under 25… I no longer buy alcohol in supermarkets for it is too embarrassing now!!

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