Salt kills fleas

Posted: September 22, 2011 in General

Did you know you can get rid of fleas with salt! The salt acts as a dehydration agent and dries out the bodies of the fleas and they become ‘brown bread’ (dead).

Not that the Weller family has fleas but I was asked to confirm the method by someone who has. I’m a mine of information I am.

IlieHow to kill fleas using salt: Obtain some highly refined household salt or sea salt. Make sure it is as finely ground as possible, almost to a powder consistency. Sprinkle it lightly but evenly over your carpet. Brush or rake it in. Leave this in your carpet for 12 to 48 hours, then vacuum thoroughly.

Salt attracts moisture, so do not leave it in for very long in very hot or humid conditions. Otherwise, you’ll end up with salty, wet carpet and you don’t want that.

For serious infestations, salt can be mixed together with boric acid. This chemical is found in a number of commercially-available products, such as Borax. Use the same technique as with refined salt.

ITV award

Have you noticed on ITV lately at some point a statement that says ITV1 has been named terrestrial channel of the year appears. I’ve got to the stage that I watch for subliminal messages rather than the crap programmes.

Anyway that award is nothing special when you consider many parts of the UK, including the Weller household, have such a poor BBC terrestrial signal that BBC1 and BBC2 are unwatchable as is Channel 5 so the only competition for the award is Channel 4 and I can’t remember when we’ve found any programmes worth watching.

Also at the ceremony, BBC3 was named best digital channel for the second year in a row which I find unbelievable as we can’t get any BBC digital tv at all.

No money to keep police on our streets yet shed loads of money to tackle the tobacco and cigarette smuggling trade.

Extra cash will be available to HM Revenue & Customs in April, backed by the UK Border Agency, to pay for more officers to target organised criminal gangs smuggling tobacco. The funding will come out of a £917 million pot aimed at combating tax avoidance, evasion and fraud. It’s all about taxing people to the hilt.

If the EU ‘free movement of goods guarantee’ was adhered to there would not be any tobacco smuggling would there.

Once again it’s all about parting the public of money in both taxes and duty, tobacco and alcohol are a double whammy.


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