Join TA and get benefits cut.

Posted: September 18, 2011 in Broken Britain


An unemployed chef who decided to serve his country by joining the Territorial Army has had his benefits cut because he was judged to be “unavailable for work” while on training courses.

Jonathon White, from Paisley, joined Britain’s reserve force rather than sit at home waiting for a job to turn up. Probably can’t get a job due to all the illegal workers that are employed in the catering business these days.

Unfortunately White discovered that he had to sign off every time he went for TA training and sign back on again when he returned, losing his benefits for the period he spent with the reservists.

At least the job centre allowed White to sign back on automatically, without having to fill out fresh paperwork, if he gave them the dates he would be away. That’s something, it usually takes a few weeks for the Jobseekers Allowance to come through leaving newly unemployed with nothing to buy food with.

Then of course he found his housing benefit was cut because he had to sign off Jobseekers Allowance and as anyone on Housing Benefit will know it takes weeks to be sorted out.

Instantly the Housing Department start charging full rent again and White soon found himself in debt to the Council because bureaucrats drag their heels sorting it out.

This quickly builds up the debt until after a few weeks they notify the unfortunate person that they now owe a few hundred pounds and bailiffs will be sent in if it isn’t paid immediately. The Weller family have had experience of this so I know what I’m talking about.

The government has said it wants to increase the TA by 16,000 by 2020 to encourage reservists to play a greater role in handling natural disasters, domestic terrorism, medical work and cyber security although as we know this is a load of ‘old cobblers’ as these newly trained part-time soldiers soon find themselves on the front line in a war.

Beverley Douglas update.

Douglas was allowed bail on the condition of residence at Brockley Road in Brockley, the judge adjourned the case for a mention on October 21.


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