Lost asylum seekers

Posted: September 14, 2011 in British jobs for British workers, Law & Disorder

“Unemployed people who cannot speak English will be forced to learn the language or risk losing their benefits”, ‘Downing Street’ David Cameron said yesterday.

IlieShould this bloke really be running our country? There are not enough vacancies for the 2 to 3 million unemployed we already have let alone non-English speaking migrants.

Also yesterday it came to light that 98,000 asylum seekers have been ‘lost’ by bungling immigration officials.

How about UKBA systematically raiding restaurants and takeaways I’m sure at least half of those lost asylum seekers will be found working illegally in such places.

With all those newly acquired job vacancies which will result from such raids Downing Street David’s half-baked ideas of forcing the unemployed off their benefits back into work could become viable.

Here’s four newly created job vacancies, a restaurant in Newcastle was caught employing four illegal workers.

The arrests were made at Mangos, Stowell Street, in Newcastle’s China Town on 9 September as part of a summer enforcement campaign.

Apparently all four members of the restaurant’s kitchen staff were arrested on charges ranging from entering the UK illegally, to working in breach of visa conditions.

My illegal worker bounty idea seems more plausible doesn’t it?


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