Beverley Douglas update.

Posted: September 10, 2011 in Law & Disorder

Too fat for court fraudster update

IlieBeverley Douglas ‘too fat for court’ fraud suspect who had her case postponed because she could not squeeze into an old fashioned courtroom, then was too ill to attend the next court hearing was yesterday (Friday) warned she faces jail after admitting nearly £35,000 of benefit fraud.

Beverley Douglas, 43, who walks with a Zimmer frame, was allowed to sit at the back of the courtroom. Hmmm, do I sense a Disability Living Allowance claim being made by Douglas soon.

She admitted claiming income support and housing and council tax benefit for three years while working as a CCTV officer and bus driver.

The case at Inner London Crown Court was adjourned.
To be continued….

Jail for sham marriage pair

A would-be bride and groom whose plans for a sham marriage were foiled by a UK Border Agency investigation were jailed on 7 September at Bristol Crown Court.

IlieShahzad Anwar, a 33-year-old Pakistani man and Cristina Dinu, a 45-year-old Romanian woman of Wedmore Vale, Bristol, had previously admitted charges of conspiracy to commit immigration offences.

Judge Mark Horton jailed Anwar for 27 months and Dinu for 7 months.

The pair were arrested in September 2010 after it was learned they were planning to marry at a Bristol register office despite neither of the pair being able to speak the other’s language and only limited English.

Anwar had arrived in the UK and tried to claim asylum under the name Shahzad Malik in 2009.

This claim was rejected and an appeal was turned down by the courts. Steps were being taken to remove Anwar to his home country when he hatched the sham marriage plan in an attempt to be allowed to stay in the UK.

Investigators learned that Dinu, who was living in Germany, arrived in the UK on 14 April 2010 and within a week had submitted a joint application with Anwar to marry.

But before any ceremony could take place the pair were arrested.

Despite Dinu initially claiming that the pair were in a genuine relationship, both later admitted the offences.

Red Or Black or 8 or 7

Mrs W wants to know why eight contestants get into cars or helicopters to go to the Red Or Black studio only for one of them to disappear so there are only seven who actually arrive in the studio.

Did one fall out of the helicopter a few nights ago, did a car sat nav take another on the wrong road on last nights’ show. Mrs W seems to think this has happened three nights on the trot.

Maybe Simon Cowell doesn’t like the look of one of the contestants so he gives them the ‘heave ho’.

Anyway for tonights’ show will it be Eight or will it be Seven?


  1. Ms Atkinson says:

    Just heard Beverley Douglas got wait for it a “Suspended Sentence”, Where is there justice in that . she cant walk without a zimmer frame , but can zip around south London in Red Dodge Avenger, that we the tax payer have paid for. Beverley can abuse people verbally in the street when trying to park her card. But is unable to speak in court as she is a “Very Sick Women”. A big joke , this is the 2nd time Beverley Douglas has been involved in a high profile case, and again the tax payer paid the bills……………………

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