Red Or Black or dodgy Ant & Dec

Posted: September 4, 2011 in General

Call me paranoid if you like but you have to be suspicious of any show involving ITV, Ant & Dec, Simon Cowell, Louis Walsh and their tame American David Hasselhoff if past scandals are anything to go by.

Red Or Black seems such a show, out of a 1,000 contestants who started, it just so happened they included a former Big Brother contestant Russian born Angel McKenzie.

What are the odds of that? Even more unlikely she actually made it to the final two, can you ‘Adam and Eve’ (believe) that.

Let’s face it someone decided whether Red or Black cars would or would not start so plenty of ways to point favoured contestants into the right coloured car if need be.


Anyway down to the last two contestants and apparently the geezer had his name pulled out of a hat to go first, viewers didn’t see this hat name pulling lark though, anyway he called RED and at this moment Angel face dropped, did she know black was the losing colour?


From then on Angel dropped ever deeper into a depression resorting to hand signals rather than speaking her choice of numbers in the final shoot out where the winner had to get four of their colours in the dial box. It was the geezer who won, Angel was on her way home.

Well not quite yet as Dec had to grab her arm and restrain her from walking off presumably thinking she was going to kick off because she expected to win being an ex Big Brother celebrity.


Now the show climax, the roulette wheel. A ginormous roulette wheel where the final contestant releases the white ball after deciding if it will stop in Red or Black, Dec pointing out no decision would be made until the wheel had finally stopped, hmmm something dodgy going to occur I thought to myself maybe a sudden jolt if it had gone into the black segment by mistake.

The bloke chose red and the white ball was released which after circling the wheel for a bit started to go into black then out and into red, back out and into black again and so forth working its way around the wheel building tension up for the audience, then I don’t no if it was my imagination but it suddenly dived into a red where it stayed perhaps drawn by a magnet?

Anyway the geezer had won a million pounds, my begging letter is in the post.


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