Iceland, that’s not fudge cake

Posted: September 2, 2011 in Law & Disorder

It’s fudge Jim, but not as we know it. apologies to Trekkers

IlieMisdescribing a product or what!
One of the Weller daughters bought out of Iceland a Chocolate Fudge Sensation Cake, the only sensation being the chocolate gooey sticky mess on top which had no resemblance to fudge as perceived by probably everyone in the country.

Also don’t the people at Iceland know one mention of fudge and half the country will put the cake back on the shelf, it’s an acquired taste

When someone says “would you like some fudge” normally you would expect a little square or oblong solid shape piece of sweet confectionery coming your way. Not according to Iceland, they’re going to dish out a spoon of chocolate sauce.

According to Wellerpaedia, a sauce is a liquid or sometimes semi-solid food served on or used in preparing other foods.

What we have here is a sticky chocolate sponge, Iceland advertising department you’re fired!


“Bailiffs charged with evicting families from the UK’s largest illegal traveller site at Dale Farm, near Basildon in Essex will lay siege by closing off roads rather than swooping in a dawn raid.”

  1. percyweller says:

    I look on this idiots guide site for any html I want to use.
    WordPress blogs are made for puppets like me.

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