Nurses to wear tabards

Posted: August 31, 2011 in Broken Britain, Law & Disorder

IlieNurses at Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother hospital in Margate, Kent are wearing ‘do not disturb’ tabards. Apparently it is to stop patients distracting nurses by talking to them whilst they are on the drug rounds which takes 3½ hours in the morning and 3½ in the afternoon.

Warning Bum alert

Tomorrow is Thursday and it’s Torchwood on BBC day.

Torchwood is supposed to be a science fiction programme but during the episodes of this series it has gradually deviated into soft porn whereby John Barrowman brings homosexuality to your living room. He’s come out of the closet but do we really have to have him exposing himself in our homes.

Last week was the last straw when podgy Barrowman was seen in bed in a naked homosexual love scene and then he decided to flash out of the window exposing his bum to viewers. Mrs ‘W’ almost choked on her salted peanuts!

Thank goodness the Weller family doesn’t have 3D television.

More than 500 viewers complained directly to the broadcaster about the scene in Thursday’s episode, which they said were ‘pointless’, irrelevant to the plot and out of place in a sci-fi show.

If you’ve been affected by ‘Barrowman’s bum story’ please get in touch with BBC help line ‘Barrowman’’.


Sham marriages

IlieA couple’s wedding plans were exposed as a sham when the bride couldn’t even spell her future husband’s name.

Amjad Javid and “bride” Elmira Umajewa were rumbled when their attempt to obtain a marriage certificate aroused the suspicions of a registrar Donna Prizeman . Well done that woman.

Maidstone Crown Court heard the couple sat on opposite sides of the room at The Archbishop’s Palace in Maidstone in October last year and didn’t speak to each other.

Umajewa, 38, was also unable to spell her 33-year-old husband-to-be’s name.

Javid, from Plaistow, East London, was jailed for six months after admitting conspiracy to commit perjury by falsely stating they were living together in Dover Road, Northfleet.

Umajewa, who skipped bail and fled the UK, was sentenced to nine months imprisonment after she was convicted in her absence of the same offence.

Skipped bail, if I’ve said it once I’ve said it a thousand times illegal immigrants should not be given bail as they will ‘scarper’ (‘Scapa Flow’ go) as sure as eggs is eggs.

Javid was also jailed for a further 12 months, making a total sentence of 18 months, for trying to use a forged passport at Robin Hood Airport near Doncaster in January.

Jawad Ahmed, 33, of Dover Road, Northfleet, who was to be a witness at the marriage, denied conspiracy to commit perjury and was acquitted.

Umajewa had Austrian nationality after previously marrying a man from that country, do I suspect bigamy too.

Javid came to the UK four years ago on a student visa. He will serve half the sentence, less 217 days already spent on remand. He will then be deported. We’ve heard that one before, I wonder what the odds are that he remains in this country must check on

By the way

Nine out of ten people who joined the workforce last year were foreign nationals confirming what I’ve said before that ToffTories plan to force people off benefits into work is never going to happen all the time migrants flood onto our shores.


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