Yorkshire Tea mugging us off.

Posted: August 24, 2011 in Broken Britain, Law & Disorder

It’s the turn of Yorkshire Tea to show an advert that is not only annoying to the ‘W’ family but also pushes the boundaries of ethics.

IlieThis advert is part of their USA Tea-Rescue where a converted ice cream van travels around Florida persuading the Americans to buy Yorkshire Tea. In the advert they find a gullible tea drinker and give her the choice of a cup of ordinary tea or a cup of Yorkshire Tea, of course she chooses Yorkshire Tea as it looks more like a decent cup of tea.

Of course it does the other choice is a weak solution of tea with masses of milk in it, anyone with half a brain would ‘suss’ that out, or maybe not!

Come on Jacqui you should have used your ‘loaf’ on that one. (loaf of bread, head)

IlieFormer Home Secretary Jacqui Smith used two day-release prisoners to paint her £450,000 home when they should have been doing community work.

Prison bosses have now launched an investigation into how the pair, who were working for free as part of a back-to-work scheme and meant to be improving parks and clearing up rubbish-strewn streams, instead ended up spending two days redecorating a room in Miss Smith’s house last month.

What an idiot, she should have used illegal immigrant workers there’s no paper trail with them.

Fifth Columnist at work

A legal advisor from Hayes was jailed on Thursday 18 August for only 4½ years for masterminding a major immigration scam and he will be recommended for deportation after his sentence. Time will tell however, methinks he’s here for good even if he is deported he will soon be back with forged documents he’s prepared earlier.

Indian national Ravi Gupta, 41, was arrested by UKBA officers from the West London immigration crime team during a dawn raid on his home in Carlyon Road, Hayes in November 2010.

Gupta, an accredited immigration law advisor, supplied dozens of his clients with fake documents, letters, education certificates and payslips to aid immigration applications, helping them to falsify details of their income. Apparently he was charging up to £5,000 for each application.

His scam was uncovered following an undercover investigation into the practices used by his company, Surge Global Solutions.

Gupta admitted 14 charges of assisting illegal immigration and an additional charge of obtaining leave to remain in the UK by deception. .

A pretty poor sentence for this massive attempt at undermining the infrastructure of this country with illegal immigrants.

Gupta’s sentencing comes after news of eight people being arrested in Bangladesh following the discovery of fake visa by UK Border Agency staff in Dhaka last month, working with the agency’s Risk and Liaison overseas network (RALON). A huge haul of fake visas, stolen passports and immigration stamps were uncovered in a factory that served a major visa forgery ring.

Sentenced alongside Gupta were Tapinder Singh, 28, and Gurvinderpal Singh, 26, both of Benen-Stock Road in Stanwell Moor, Middlesex. Both admitted obtaining leave to remain by deception and money laundering offences and were each sentenced to 6 months in prison.

A further four men and a woman who were also involved in the scam had previously been sentenced to jail terms of between 4 and 8 months after admitting charges of obtaining leave to remain in the UK by deception.

Legal proceedings involving another six people suspected of being clients of Ravi Gupta are ongoing.


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