Did Morrisons steal my puzzle book?

Posted: August 21, 2011 in Law & Disorder

IlieThe Weller family always buys Saturday’s Daily Telegraph during the football season as it has a very good sports section with all the ‘ins and outs’ of the weekend’s football games.

A bonus this week was the addition of a free 52 page puzzle book which caught the eye of Mrs W as she shopped in Morrisons.

Anyway when she gets the ‘linen draper’ (newspaper) back home guess what, no puzzle book.

We then noticed the additional 2lb weight of various extra sections like gardening, business, cooking and other ‘pony and trap’ (crap) which usually goes into the recycle bin without being read wasn’t sealed up in polythene like always.

My finely honed detecting skills immediately came into play, no polythene wrapper – no puzzle book, have Morrisons ripped off all the plastic wrappings and ‘half inched’ (pinched) the puzzle books, hmmm you decide.

Consumers mugged off again.

If I’ve said it once I’ve said it a thousand times, governments and businesses treat the public as ‘oiks’ only fit to be parted from their hard earned money whether it’s by dozens of taxes or fines for any of the 1,000s of new criminal offences brought in the last few decades in the governments case or by being sold the latest must have constantly updated consumer product by businesses.

When I say ‘must have’ I mean brainwashed by constant tv adverts featuring the latest in vogue celebrities into thinking that their product is vital to our very existence.

IlieThe latest company to mug the public off is Hewlett and Packard Co. (HP) who have decided to withdraw its support for the recently launched £400 or thereabouts HP TouchPad based on WebOS.

The rival to iPad was only launched on July 1st in USA, July 15th in UK and 15th August in Australia.
Although Australian punters of the defunct touchpad will get compensation there is no mention of the UK ‘suckers’ getting any.

Within seven weeks of TouchPad launch, HP received huge number of complaints regarding its poor performance and utility issues.

Web-based retailers have asked the company to buy back the remaining stock of the tablet device since only 10% of more than 225,000 units have been sold to the customers.
In the US, consumer electronics retailer Best Buy reportedly managed to sell just 25,000 of the 270,000 tablets it purchased from HP.

The Hewlett-Packard TouchPad tablet was withdrawn from the Australian market just four days after its launch, making it one of the shortest-lived electronics products in local history.

Retailer Harvey Norman, which sold the TouchPad exclusively, said it had instructed franchises to remove all stocks from shelves and to contact customers who bought it and offer them a full refund or credit for another purchase.

The TouchPad’s dramatic demise in Australia is the result of HP’s decision in the US on Thursday to axe it and smartphones powered by its in-house webOS mobile operating system, after astonishingly poor sales since its US launch in July.

The problem for HP was that webOS was neither Apple nor Android. It was a mobile operating system HP acquired when it bought smartphone manufacturer Palm for $US1.2 billion ($1.16bn) last year.

Doorstep rubbish collections to be withdrawn

Rossendale council in Lancashire is the latest council to cease doorstep rubbish collections for hundreds of residents in rural areas who now have to drive or carry their rubbish down narrow country lanes to “collection points” up to a mile away from their homes. If you’re old or disabled you had better buy large stocks of rat poison because you’re going to have a rubbish mountain outside your ‘chocolate box picture’ cottage before you know it.

Twenty-nine authorities have abandoned weekly rounds since the Toff/Tories came to power although Eric Pickles, the Conservative Communities and Local Government Secretary, said that the weekly collections were “a basic right for every English man and woman”. That’s a racist remark if I’ve ever heard one.

Seven immigration offenders caught at a St Ives restaurant.

IlieActing on a tip-off officers from UKBA went to the Rajpoot restaurant in Gabriel street on 16 August.

Officers found six men working illegally. A seventh man encountered during the visit was also arrested on suspicion of an immigration offence.

They remain in detention while the UK Border Agency takes steps to remove them from the UK.

All seven were from Bangladesh and were aged between 18 and 35. The reason they were all from Bangladesh is probably because it’s a tandoori restaurant.

A tandoor is a clay oven, it’s little more than a very large clay pot, large enough to hold a good sized fire and then all the food gets placed in it. Typically a tandoor is dug into the ground or built into an enclosure so that no one burns themselves on the pot because it is ‘bloody hot’!

The direct heat of the fire is reflected by the ceramic sides intensifying the heat and creating a cooking environment that easily reaches 500° F. The cook has to constantly put his hand in and out of the pot making it a bit of a skill to use and it just so happens that Bangladeshis are very good at it.

Don’t run out of petrol in Kent

Residents in a peaceful corner of England are irate after being banned from filling canisters with fuel – to prevent rioting. Supermarkets and petrol stations are refusing fuel to customers filling up cans after Kent police warned it could be used to make petrol bombs.

Apparently the Mail on Sunday witnessed garages banning the sale of petrol in cans, including the Sainsbury’s outlet in Aylesford, just outside Maidstone.

A message on the pumps read: ‘After a request from Kent Police, we are unable to sell fuel into any containers.’

A Sainsbury’s spokesman in Sevenoaks confirmed the company was asked not to sell containers of fuel to suspicious persons and decided to suspend all sales of fuels in containers. What are Sainsbury saying, all their customers look dodgy?


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