Care Home owner conned

Posted: August 12, 2011 in Law & Disorder

There’s one born every minute

IlieIf it wasn’t for the vulnerable elderly people who are going to be uprooted from their care home this victim of a con would be a case of ‘serve him right’.

Accountant Richard Raj parted with 73,000 euros – £67,000 – after being tricked into believing he had scooped a 3.1 million euro win in a foreign lottery. As a result, the 18 staff at privately-owned Jeannette Lodge in Park Avenue were not paid and the home went into receivership. I don’t think I would like this ‘sucker’ to be doing my accounts.

The bank pulled the plug on Mr Raj’s company Golden Slumbers at the end of last week, and the news of closure was announced to staff, residents and their families on Monday.

Now Medway Council has to rehouse nine of the residents, some of whom are in their 90s and suffering from dementia.

The con started when Mr Raj received notification through the post in March that he had “won” the windfall on “The Euro Million Loto Intl” sweepstake.

He was told he would receive the full amount if he paid the tax in advance by transferring cash from his bank to an account in Madrid along with some details of his finances. Alarm bells ringing should have made him deaf at this stage.

Mr Raj was led to believe the cheque would be in the post within days and immediately began to plan how he would spend it, counting chickens before they’re hatched comes to mind.

When the money did not arrive, staff at the home in Gillingham and another he owned in Margate, fed up with not being paid, threatened to leave.

He persuaded them to stay by dipping into an overdraft account and offering them each a £1,000 bonus when he picked up his winnings; throwing good money after bad. I’m full of old sayings today.

As the weeks passed the penny finally dropped that he had been conned.

Four illegal immigrants found working in a builders yard

IlieFollowing information received UKBA officers visited Western Timber and Builders Merchant, Western Road, Southall on 4th August and found three employees, all Indian nationals, who were arrested for working illegally.

A 27-year-old man was arrested for entering the country illegally, while two men aged 34 and 25 were failed asylum seekers. A fourth man, believed to be a customer, was also arrested for immigration offences.

Three of the four remain in detention awaiting their removal from the UK. The 27-year-old man was later granted immigration bail and must report regularly to the UK Border Agency while his case is dealt with. Don’t make me laugh he’s probably scarpered already.

Déjà vu or what, I seem to remember blogging virtually the same two items last week, here’s the other bit.

IlieSix wanna-be illegal immigrants have been stopped from illegally entering the UK at Calais after UK Border Agency Officers found them hiding in a lorry heading for Manchester.

The illegal immigrants were discovered by officers from the UK Border Agency, who work with a team of body detection ‘sniffer’ dogs at the Calais ferry port in northern France.

As officers checked the vehicles bound for the UK the team’s sniffer dog, Jake detected six Eritean men hiding amongst the lorry’s load of pallets destined for a kitchen manufacturer in Manchester.

The stowaways were refused entry to the UK and were then handed over to the French Frontier Police (Police Aux Frontieres) on Monday 1 August.


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