Golliwogs cause rumpas

Posted: July 30, 2011 in Law & Disorder

A garden centre owner has become involved in a race row over his selling of black golliwog dolls.

IlieLindy Gander wrote to Terry Burch, owner of Bybrook Barn Garden Centre in Kennington, Kent condemning the products as “racist garbage”.

She has threatened to provoke a mass boycott of his business. Surely that’s bullying if you want to take this politically correct stuff seriously.

But Mr Burch has hit back, accusing her of seeing racism where none exists.

Mrs Gander, 50, emailed Mr Burch saying: “It is disgusting that there are still organisations/shops like you who are willing to try to sell racist garbage like this.

“I will also be contacting my friends in Kent and the south east to contact gardening groups in your area to boycott your shop unless you remove these ‘toys’ immediately.”

I’m surprised she didn’t use the classic ‘do you know who I am’ phrase.

Mr Burch furiously wrote back: “We are not amused by your comments or by your threats”. Obviously a fan of Queen Victoria.

I remember collecting the golliwog badges from Robertson’s Jam and reading Enid Blyton books with golliwogs as characters when I was a kid.

Anyway for full nitty gritty of this golly matter and a chance to comment click HERE

Anyway, this illegal working is getting out of hand

IlieUK Border Agency visited Taara and Manzil, both in Green Street, Strathaven and opposite each other on the evening of Friday 22 July to question staff and ensure they had the right to work in the UK.

Four Indian men were found working illegally at Taara and a further two Indian men and one from Pakistan were found working illegally at Manzil. None of the men have the right to be in the UK, and are being detained pending their removal from the country.

Both the Taara and the Manzil has been served with civil penalty notices for employing the illegal workers which is a fine of up to £40,000 for the Taara Tandoori, while the Manzil faces a potential £30,000 fine. That’s if they pay the fines, do those two businesses look as though they have that sort of money?

Meanwhile in Preston

Six immigration offenders were arrested in Preston last Sunday morning in a joint operation by UK Border Agency officers and Lancashire Constabulary.

Acting on intelligence seven licensed bars in Preston were visited by the officers at 12:30 on Sunday morning and questioned staff employed as toilet attendants to check they had the legal right to work in the UK.

Five Nigerian men and a Nigerian woman were arrested for Immigration offences.

Private addresses in Manchester Road and Laurel Street Preston were also visited as part of the operation.

The people arrested have been detained and steps are being taken to remove them from the UK.

As fast as we get rid of illegals more try to replace them.

UK Border Agency officers have stopped six wannabe stowaways from sneaking into the UK in the back of a lorry bound for Broxburn.

The group of six Vietnamese were discovered by officers from the UK Border Agency using body detection dog Lottie at the Calais ferry terminal in France on 16 July.

The stowaways were hiding inside a Netherlands registered vehicle which was carrying a load to an address in Broxburn.
I can’t do an ‘are we there yet’ cartoon this time as I don’t know what the load was.

All six Vietnamese were handed over to French Border Police, and the vehicle was allowed to continue its journey to West Lothian. I still say those foreign lorries caught with illegals on board should be turned away from the UK as a deterrent.


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