Sixteen illegal workers in four restaurants

Posted: July 28, 2011 in British jobs for British workers

UKBA officers visited the Jaan on Oxford Street, Woodstock, the Café le Raj in Horse Fair, Chipping Norton, the Café Le Raj on Reading Road in Henley-on-Thames and the Twickenham Tandoori on Church Street in Twickenham, south west London at around 1830 on the evening of Thursday 21 July.

Guess what, the restaurants are all believed to be linked through their ownership. Surely the owners has been facilitating illegal immigration which carries a prison sentence but instead they will get a fine they won’t bother to pay.

IlieAt the Jaan in Woodstock, two Bangladeshi men were arrested, one for overstaying his visa, the other for entering the UK illegally. A third person was found to be working illegally, but wasn’t arrested as he had an outstanding application lodged with the Home Office.

At Café Le Raj in Chipping Norton, four Bangladeshi men were arrested, two for overstaying visas and two for entering the country illegally.

At Café Le Raj in Henley two Bangladeshi men and one Burmese man were arrested. All were in the country illegally having overstayed their visas.

At Twickenham Tandoori five Bangladeshi men, four illegal entrants and a visa overstayer, and a Bhutanese man who was a failed asylum seeker were arrested.

Of the fifteen arrested seven remain in detention pending their removal from the UK. The other eight have been granted immigration bail enabling them to ‘Scapa Flow’ back into our cities.

Even MOD employ illegals

Two Afghan immigrants believed to play the role of enemy warlords as part of army training exercises at a Ministry of Defence base have been arrested for allegedly being in the UK illegally.

The two men, who were given guns that fire blanks to carry out pretend attacks on patrols across Salisbury Plain, were detained at Rolleston Camp, Wiltshire.

They were paid through contractors by the Ministry of Defence along with more than 200 other workers at the site. I wonder if MOD paid by credit card.

One of them is suspected of being in the country illegally after his visa expired while the other is thought to be a failed asylum seeker. The pair were taken into custody at 8am on Tuesday by officers from MOD police and the UK Border Agency following a tip off.

Tattoos no but criminal records ok

IlieThis made me laugh, the chairman of the Kent Police Federation has called for the ban on police officers showing tattoos to be lifted – arguing it can act as an “icebreaker” when meeting the public face-to-face.

Yeah can show each other their tatts.

Ian Pointon insists dropping a ban, in force across all 43 forces in England and Wales which prevent officers showing tattoos which could cause offence to the public, would be the right thing to do in the modern era. ‘Offensive tattoos’, does he mean pictures of members of the public with a knife going through their heads?

Quoted in the Daily Mail newspaper he said: “The days of tattoos being stigmatised should be over. “It comes down to personal taste and a generational gap in attitudes. Tattoos can actually be a good way to start a line of communication with the public. It can be a bit of an icebreaker. The days of tattoos being stigmatised should be over.”

However, the suggestion was rejected by Kent Police.

Assistant Chief Constable Allyn Thomas said: “There is an expectation that officers and staff maintain a standard of appearance and dress considered professional, smart and approachable while on duty.”

Which is a bit double standards when you consider records released by Kent Police under the Freedom of Information act show that in just five years from 2006-2010, 69 individuals employed by the force were arrested for crimes ranging from using a mobile phone while driving to perverting the course of justice.

In 27 of these 69 cases a conviction followed, while in a number of others the individual involved received either a conditional discharge or a caution.


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