‘What’s on TV’ total airbrushing

Posted: July 22, 2011 in British jobs for British workers, General

IlieWhen Mrs W bought this week’s edition of What’s on TV I saw the Eastenders headline ‘Roxy’s terror, she discovers Phil’s deadly secret’ and the picture with it was of a blonde woman with Phil looking menacing behind her. I asked Mrs W who the blonde woman was as I didn’t recognise what I thought was a new character.

Mrs W who has watched Eastenders since it started didn’t recognise her either. On reading the magazine it was revealed that the blonde woman was in fact the character Roxy Mitchell played by Rita Simons.

I know photographers like to show celebrities at their best but come on airbrushing photos so it looks nothing like them is taking the piss.

The picture shows natural blonde hair unlike real actress who has dyed blonde hair with black roots, no scar on chin, different face shape, better complexion in fact a virtual reality image of the actress.

Below is how an unkind paparazzi photographed her in the real world.

I’m beginning to think that all these glamour models and film stars don’t actually exist they are just figments of airbrushers imagination.

Illegal worker dozen

During the week I heard the Immigration Minister say that even though UKBA officers numbers at Dover have been cut by half there are less illegals getting in the country. What he means is less illegals have been caught so he has assumed that less illegals are getting in when in fact what it means is less lorries are being searched so more illegals have better odds of sneaking in the country as the number of illegal workers being caught working proves otherwise.

Twelve illegal immigrants have been caught after a joint UK Border Agency and West Midlands police crackdown on businesses in the Black Country.

On 8th July officers paid a visit to Direct Corporate Clothing, Direct 2 Industrial Park, Roway Lane, Oldbury where they checked the immigration status of all the workers. They caught two Indian men who had no permission to work in the UK. Both were released on immigration bail as usual so they can go into hiding..

On 22nd June two businesses in Wolverhampton saw visits by officers from the UK Border Agency and Railway Street police station. At Crown Polishing & Plating on Derry Street, an Indian man was arrested and detained after checks showed he had no right to be in the UK. He was removed back to India on 4th July.

At D & M Plating Ltd, Lower Walsall Street, Horseley Fields six Indian men were caught illegally working.

On 8th June, officers from the UK Border Agency and the Lye Neighbourhood Policing Team visited Tasty Fish Bar, High Street, Pensnett where two illegal workers were caught, while at Premier Food and Wines, High Street, Quarry Bank one Indian man was caught illegally working.

Direct Corporate Clothing was not given a potential fine because both illegal workers had used very good quality forged passports, one Finnish and one Spanish, that the employer could not have expected to know were forgeries.

I wonder if a forger was caught passing dud money whether they could use the excuse that the fake notes were good quality.


IlieChinese restaurant owner Chi Lain Chen, has been ordered to pay £130,000 under the Proceeds of Crime Act after he was jailed for bringing illegal immigrants to the UK to work in his restaurant.

Chen, 35, of The Royal Tea Garden Restaurant, Bowness on Windermere, was sentenced at Carlisle Crown Court in February 2011 after he admitted facilitating foreign nationals to illegally come to the UK for work.

The UK Border Agency immigration crime team began investigating Chen’s business in May 2009 after he was found to have illegal immigrants living and working in one of his restaurants. In total more than ten illegal immigrants were found to be working illegally under Chen’s employment. The restaurateur was arrested and charged with offences of facilitation and harbouring of persons not entitled to be present in the UK.

Sham marriage

A bride and groom were arrested on Thursday 14th July on suspicion of staging a sham wedding ceremony in Banbridge have appeared in court along with three other defendants.

Two Latvian and two Pakistani nationals appeared at Newry Magistrates Court on Friday 15 July charged with offences relating to attempts to evade UK immigration laws. A fifth person appeared at the same Court on Monday 18th July.

The five defendants are all to remain custody until the next court appearance at Banbridge Magistrates Court on Thursday 11th August.


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