Charity worker duped by Jamaican bride.

Posted: July 20, 2011 in Law & Disorder

As my dear departed mum would have said referring to some dopey person being conned, “there’s one born every minute” .

Here’s a classic

IlieA charity worker spent £5,000 bringing his new Jamaican bride to the UK but within 20 minutes of walking through his front door she scarpered.

Johnny Gannon, seen here clutching his bride obviously lost his grip as she stepped through his flat door, spent thousands arranging a visa for 24-year-old Patrice Chambers so they could live in marital bliss in his council flat in Perth, Scotland.

But as soon as Patrice arrived in Perth, she sent sap Mr Gannon, 57, out to buy Pot Noodles. When he returned she grabbed her bags and told him she was going and started trying to flag down passing cars in the street.

Patrice then headed for the railway station and caught a train to England. This was when he found out she had also run up a £500 bill on his mobile phone. Johnny hasn’t seen her since and suspects she is with a Jamaican boyfriend in Bristol.

He told the Daily Mirror: ‘I was looking forward to spending the rest of my life with Patrice but I think she had planned all along to do this”, der yeah.

Mr Gannon takes regular holidays in Jamaica and met Patrice there two years ago, why didn’t he bring back an ornament as a souvenir it would have been cheaper in the long run.

A friend set them up on a blind date but despite the 33-year age gap he fell in love with her after their first meeting in a romantic bar in the resort of Treasure Beach, some friend.

He even heard from another friend that she had a boyfriend back in the UK but Patrice said it was in the past.

The UK authorities, not so easily duped, refused her a tourist visa to visit him in Scotland because they feared she wouldn’t return home. It was then, Johnny said, that she started to talk about marriage; alarm bells should have started ringing Johnny not wedding bells.

He paid for her dress and hair on the big day and when he returned to Scotland worked on getting a visa for her. It came through this month.

Johnny also sent Patrice £700 to pay for the visa paperwork she needed in Jamaica, but she told him the cash had been stolen and she needed more. He had to get a loan from his sister to find the money.

Johnny also sent Patrice cash each month. He spent more than £4000 on her this year alone.

She didn’t even send him a Dear John letter.

Ah well there’s no fool like an old fool, that’s another one of my mum’s sayings.


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