Don’t say it with flowers at Morrisons

Posted: July 17, 2011 in Law & Disorder

IlieEmployees at Morrisons distribution depot at Kemsley, Sittingbourne discovered a delivery of flowers also contained seven illegal immigrants.

Apparently when the lorry doors were opened at about 11.50am on Thursday the seven illegals jumped out and did a runner across the fields although one of the wannabe illegals was grabbed by staff.

Witnesses described seeing up to five police cars rushing up the A249 as the group disappeared across fields and the dual carriageway towards Iwade.

Kent Police called in the helicopter they share with the Essex force to help with the hunt. Spokeswoman Pippa Taylor said the rest of the men were quickly rounded-up, with three found hiding in bushes.

The six Iranian and one Palestinian were handed over to the UK Border Agency, one has been held in detention, five have been given immigration bail while their cases are assessed giving them plenty of chance to disappear. The seventh was classified as a minor and has been released into the care of social services who will probably send him to a primary school until staff spot he is growing a beard. Don’t laugh it happened at our local primary school.

The lorry was used by a Belgian supplier of flowers who admitted their lorries had been used to transport illegals six months ago.

Sham marriage update

Had feedback from a reader “Remember Ashar Ali Rathore. The guy from Luton who masterminded a sham marriage ring. He was sentenced to 2 years back in December. His solicitor made an application for the sentence to be stopped and for Ashar to be deported. This has happened and Ashar was deported along with his wife Nadia Qadri (who was sentenced to 8 months of which she served 4 months in the same case) yesterday Friday 15th July. I am very happy about this at least they will no longer be a burden on the state. Hopefully this will be a lesson to anybody else who wants to concoct a sham marriage.”

Good news unless this scroat was given cash to accept deportation.


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