Malaysian tries to illegally enter UK twice in one day.

Posted: July 13, 2011 in Law & Disorder

IlieRemember last week I told you about the boomerang Lithuanian who was deported then caught returning to the UK in less than three weeks

Well, trying to beat that was a Malaysian woman who failed in separate attempts to enter the UK illegally on the same day using two different routes from France. Thwarted entering UK through Dover by train she decided to fly into Bristol, the other side of the country. Immigration records reveal that she had previously been removed from the UK for overstaying a visa.

The 37-year-old arrived in Bristol airport on a flight from Paris on 5th July.

Officers were waiting for her, having received information from colleagues in France that the same woman had failed in an attempt to board the Eurostar to the UK at Paris’s Gare du Nord station earlier that day. These are the UKBA officers soon to have their numbers reduced by Tory financial cuts.

Apparently officers based at the Paris rail terminal had not allowed the woman to board the train because they did not believe she was a genuine tourist.

At passport control in Bristol the woman claimed she wanted to visit Stonehenge and London during a week-long stay.

But a baggage search revealed she was carrying employment references and her academic qualifications, suggesting that she intended to work illegally.

The woman was detained overnight and removed on a flight to Paris on the 6 July. Maybe she should have been sent back to Malaysia so she would have further to come.


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