Comfort Bright duping the public?

Posted: July 10, 2011 in British jobs for British workers, General

Who has seen the new Comfort Bright advert, Mrs W seems to think they are talking a load of cobblers and duping the public.

The advert is introducing Comfort Brights, a new range of fabric conditioners designed to help keep your colours and whites bright and vibrant for longer.

‘Vibrant’ according to the dictionary means ‘of colours that are bright and striking’.

The advert patter says “Comfort Bright Colours helps keep colours as good as new for longer. The Pro-Bright formula helps to prevent running or fading and to keep all your clothes bright and vibrant. It is suitable for use on all colours, from pastels through to keeper shades and even stripes and patterns.” ‘Keeper shades’, no idea what they are perhaps it’s all part of the patter to make their product sound the ‘dogs bollocks’.

But hold up after a 2½ hour or so wash in washing powder and warm water with colours possibly running are you telling me the last rinse with Comfort Bright is now going to repair the damage caused by the wash cycle and put back the colours as good as new.

Even if they are suggesting that this last rinse with Comfort Bright is going to lock the colours in for next time then surely the 2½ hour washing cycle will remove any traces of Comfort Bright put in at the end of the last rinse during the clothes last wash.

Mrs W says if she puts in a new pair of jeans in the wash and the colour runs then no amount of Comfort Bright put in at the last rinse is going to put the colour back into the faded jeans..

Clothes are Worth It

More illegal workers caught

I know this is boring to keep reporting illegal workers caught but I’m trying to make the point that illegal workers are being employed on nearly every road, street in nearly every city, town or wherever businesses think they can get away with it and it’s up to us to report these businesses and create jobs for our unemployed.Ilie

Anyway off my soap box, three illegal workers have been arrested following a UK Border Agency raid on a restaurant in Woking.

Officers visited the Jaipur on Chertsey Road at lunchtime Thursday 7th July, where they questioned staff to see if they had the right to work in the UK.

Three men from Bangladesh were arrested for immigration offences. One, a 28-year-old, had overstayed his visa. The other two, aged 34 and 26, had entered the country illegally.

All three remain in detention pending their removal from the country. At least they haven’t been bailed to scarper back into the murky world of illegal immigrants.

  1. Daku says:

    Re Comfort : It seems that they not only dishonest, they are also illiterate. How many other people have noticed their mistake: “Us clothes are worth it” (“Us.. are..” is repeated twice in the advert, so it is not a single slip but a sign that the person who wrote the script either didn’t even manage todays simple GCSE in English* or the advert was outsourced to some third world country whose inhabitants do not speak English as their first language- Does the scriptwriter also say “Us are going to watch TV tonight?” or “Us are happy?”
    This sign of the lowering standards of education in England is shameful.
    * The GCE O level exams when I was at school were harder than today’s university entrance exams – we needed to know more than the very basics of the English language and mathematics.

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