Travellers complain about new travellers

Posted: July 9, 2011 in General, Law & Disorder

Travellers have complained about plans for a £1 million redevelopment designed to improve their quality of life because it will attract new travellers.

IlieKent County Council plan to spend the money to revamp the Coldharbour Lane site off the A20 between Allington and Aylesford, Kent situated behind Coldharbour Police Station.

The taxpayer funded scheme will increase the number of pitches from eight to twenty-six with a possibility of another eight if extra funding can be found.

The present residents say it could mean an influx of more than 100 travellers to the site which could be ready by the end of next year.

But a spokesman for the eight families living there said: “We’re dead against this development.

“Moving loads of new families here could cause a lot of tension”.

Kettle calling pot black springs to mind.

Handover £270,000 or face another 3 years behind bars

An Indian national, living in Hounslow, who was jailed for 10 years for masterminding a massive immigration scam has been ordered to hand over more than £270,000 or face another 3 years behind bars.
Hmmm, no brainer here at £90,000 per extra year a nice little nest egg when he comes out after about seven years or less.

Kaseepathi Koka, 42, of Livingstone Road admitted charges of fraud, money laundering, conspiring to pervert the course of justice and illegally providing immigration advice in September 2010, following an investigation by the UK Border Agency.

During a Proceeds of Crime Act hearing on Wednesday 6 July, a judge at Isleworth Crown Court told him he has 6 months to give up the £272,801 he was found to have made from the scam, or he would have his prison sentence extended.

Koka was responsible for setting up a number of bogus companies to supply wage slips and transfer temporary ‘incomes’ to migrants to support their visa applications, making it look like they had highly-skilled and well-paid jobs.

He supplied forged bank statements and would complete immigration applications on behalf of his clients.

Two other defendants, including Koka’s wife Ajitha, were jailed for 9 months for their roles in the scam in September 2010 – both have now been deported back to India.


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