Tesco, there’s a rock in my potatoes

Posted: July 5, 2011 in General

I can’t believe it’s just the Weller family that get mugged off by superstores and the like.

This time one of the Weller girls goes into her local Tesco on Sunday and buys a 1kg bag of Tesco Kent Baby New potatoes.

IlieShe gets home, opens up the bag and pours them into a bowl to wash, by the way the bag has a ‘quality & freshness guaranteed label stuck on the bag no mention of the million year old rock lurking in the bag, anyway out of the bag comes the potatoes and lo and behold a lump of flint stone.

Weighing the rock it turns out to be 116 grams, over 10% of the contents nice eh.

We’ve had trouble before with Tesco items and if you complain they make you take the offending article back to the shop so they can examine it, which when considering the cost of the duff item it costs more in bus fares so the ripped off consumer is out of pocket and inconvenienced. In this case my daughter having to drag five kids back to Tesco so they can authenticate a rock.

How it got there who knows, some potato picker adding weight to their sack of potatoes at Brooksend Farm, where the potatoes were grown, so they can save themselves a bit of back breaking picking or some disgruntled worker at the bagging warehouse who is working their notice and see a way of wrecking machinery or Tesco’s name.


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