BBC drama ‘Stolen’

Posted: July 4, 2011 in Broken Britain

The Weller family sat down to watch ‘Stolen’ last night on BBC which is a gamble at that time of night because at about 20:00 or 21:00 hours, depending whether British Summer Time is in force, our tv picture suddenly turns pony and trap (crap) with lines running up and down the screen and a blurry picture.

The W household cannot get BBC digital which is a bit of a worry as next year is when the area is forced to go digital. I hope we get a tv licence refund if we end up with no BBC next year.

Anyway I digress, the programme starts and we appear to be looking through someone’s letter box, “I hope the picture expands” says Mrs W but unfortunately it doesn’t it also appears the programme was filmed when Manchester was covered in a pea souper smog as the picture is fuzzy and it appears the camera men are using brown lenses. Now I know our hearing gets poorer as we get older but weren’t all the actors mumbling too, luckily there were subtitles for some parts otherwise we might not have known what was going on.

Mind you the content of this trafficking in children drama was a bit fuzzy too, Stolen was about modern day slavers who appear to be so organised and informed they know where UKBA witness safe houses are, where UKBA officers live and park their cars.

An African 6 year-old girl seemed to know Manchester like the back of her hand after only a few days in the country.

A boy who seemed to be played by a girl was stabbed by a bunch of schoolkids as they ran past him on their way to school in the city centre, is Manchester that dangerous.

A Vietnamese boy put to work in a cannabis farm, quite a regular occurence in our county, dobs in his new mate who is then bundled into a boot of a car, after a road crash the boot kid is arrested but allowed to go free by our UKBA hero. The original Vietnamese kid departs from the programme.

A previously stolen foreign girl who is now an adult helps the UKBA police hero and the trafficked girl but is then deported, oh come on no appeals, no amnesty.

Let’s hope the next time we watch BBC we’re not standing out in the street in a pea souper smog, looking through a letterbox at a tv with the sound turned down.

More on losing driving licence and passport over absent fathers

Heard about Child Support Agency who told a man he owed almost £12,000 for two kids he didn’t father.

Ian Burrowes, 48, was contacted by the agency in April when it informed him it was taking action on an historical debt case.

The case involved two girls from East London, and he owed arrears of £11,535.48, to the Secretary of State for their upkeep.

He had never heard of the mother of the children who claimed he was the dad and after doing his own investigations, he found out the two girls and their mother were from a different ethnic group to him, he is white and they are black.

Ian, who lives with his partner, Donna Smith, 36, said: “I’d never heard of this woman or the children.

“It was a claim by the mother dating back to 1993, I was gob-smacked, I’ve never even been to the part of London where she lives”.

The CSA has now written to Ian to tell him the case has been closed and that no further action will be taken. Luckily he hadn’t lost his job through his driving licence being taken away.

Someone has commented on the blog about a picture of Iain Duncan Smith and his hand signal relating to ‘absent fathers to lose driving licences’ so here is the picture in question.

Do you know

IlieBedsores in hospitals are costing the NHS £4 billion a year.

In the last three years 1,913 children in Scottish schools and nurseries were reported to their local education authority for “hate crimes”, many of them were just toddlers who were probably just falling out as friends.

Welcome to the lunatic asylum called Britain!


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