Absent fathers to lose driving licence

Posted: July 3, 2011 in Broken Britain

Sometimes I think politicians have their brains removed as soon as they get elected to parliament.

IlieThe latest bit of nonsense from the ToffTories is that absent fathers who defy orders to pay towards their children’s care face immediate suspension of their driving licences and passports.

Excuse me doesn’t that mean they could lose their job or not be able to get to work thus not having any money to pay towards the upkeep of their child, the point of the draconian measures in the first place.

Not to mention the human rights question, I expect lawyers everywhere have pricked up their ears for this one and see shed loads of money coming their way if this half baked idea gets the nod.

If a human rights lawyer can get a deportation order cancelled for an illegal immigrant convicted of murder because he has a wife and kid in this country then getting a driving licence back is going to be easy peasy.

Alright for any absent father MPs who lose their licence they will get themselves a car and chauffeur and get the taxpayer to stump up the cash for it.

Hmmm, I wonder what the odds are for a U turn on that load of cobblers, must check on youbet.com. I’m thinking of writing a song on the lines of Burlington Bertie to go with my picture here’s the first line, what do you think.

‘Downing Street David gets up at early o’clock so he can think up a new load of old cock’.

By the way

David Cameron has been warned by one of his Cabinet ministers that his welfare policies risk making 40,000 families homeless.
The claims, made in a letter to the Prime Minister from the office of Eric Pickles, the communities secretary, expose deep divisions at the heart of the UK government over plans to cap benefits at £500 a week per family.

The letter, seen by The Scotsman newspaper, supposedly reveals Pickles’ belief that the cap will increase the burden on taxpayers as thousands of families will be unable to pay their rent and be forced to seek local government help.

The letter, written by Nico Heslop, Pickles’ private secretary, lays bare fears of mass homelessness “disproportionately impacting on families”.

It adds: “Our modelling indicates that we could see an additional 20,000 homelessness acceptances as a result of the total benefit cap. This on top of the 20,000 additional acceptances already anticipated as a result of other changes to the housing benefit. We are already seeing increased pressures on the homelessness services.”

To sum up, this governmental idea to save money will see thousands made homeless so local councils will have to find accommodation for these homeless people at taxpayers expense. Obviously Downing Street David hasn’t thought of stopping landlords charging extortionate rent for their sometimes run down property.

  1. Bill Chapman says:

    A very apt picture of the Works and Pensions Minister Iain Duncan Smith for this particular story published by the Daily Mail.

    It has not gone unnoticed that the hand gesture has great significance, particularly in certain countries in the EU. The meaning in Brazil, Germany and a few Mediterranean countries: the circular shape of the gesture gives it the meaning of “anus”, and is therefore used to call somebody an “as**ole”, or, by extension, a homosexual.

    It is unknown whether the Minister is referring to the proposal, himself or deliberately “absent fathers”.

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