Illegal Nigerians, illegal workers, public being mugged off, fined for killing people..

Posted: July 2, 2011 in Broken Britain, Law & Disorder

…..a normal day in the lunatic asylum called Britain

IlieSomeone commented on the blog that I should leave alone stories of Nigerians illegally entering the UK or organising or taking part in sham marriages to become British citizens. Well if Nigerians stopped doing it I would.

Meanwhile here’s another, a Nigerian man was stopped by UKBA officers at Birmingham Airport yesterday after attempting to enter the country illegally on a fraudulently obtained British passport.

The 43-year-old man’s fraudulent passport was spotted after he arrived on a flight from Lagos via Frankfurt at 09:20. He has been detained pending removal on a flight back to Lagos. Lucky it wasn’t strike day Thursday or he might have managed to enter.

Here’s a typical night at our UK borders in this case the night of 29th June.

Officers at Heathrow seized 1kg of cocaine hidden in luggage on a flight from South America.

Officers apprehended a number of people seeking to smuggle drugs into the UK inside their bodies.

At Dunkirk, officers operating juxtaposed border controls apprehended three people for attempted people smuggling, including a Sri Lankan who was being smuggled into the UK via France.

Eight foreign nationals trying to enter the UK hid in four lorries travelling through Calais.

To think the government is cutting UKBA funding, they should be doubling it. All those jobs being worked illegally, benefits being paid, cost of detention centres and deportation, housing, school places, hospital beds the financial and infrastructural cost of illegal immigration is huge.

As an example, UKBA visited Hand Car Wash and Valeting on Foleshill Road, Coventry on Tuesday 28 June.

Checks were carried out on the immigration status of all the workers. Three were found to be failed asylum seekers from Iraq, with no permission to work.

Three jobs that would have taken people off our vast dole queue.

Farming people

IlieI’ve said it often enough even written articles about it, businesses use the public as cash cows it’s called farming people. Farming the public so a financial gain can be made, a bit like cows and sheep farmed for their meat, milk, wool or leather and what other products are made from these animals.

In this instance mugs, sorry people, are being ripped off by websites charging for EU health cover cards which are free from the NHS.

The card entitle Britons to medical treatment at no or reduced cost should they fall ill in Europe.

It is believed around one in seven of the eight million UK citizens applying to renew their European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) this year have unwittingly paid up to £20 when the card is available free from the NHS.

A life certainly is cheap in the UK

IlieA French road safety official who killed a motorcyclist and his passenger after driving on the wrong side of the road in the Highlands was fined £3,000 yesterday.

Roland Bayon, 61, who was in charge of roads in his home town of Bourg-de-Péage, had believed he was still travelling on a dual carriageway when he overtook a slow-moving car on the A9 just north of Drumochter.

He struck the motorcycle, killing Peter and Jaqueline Corris from Lancashire, who were attending the Thunder in the Glens gathering in Aviemore.

The couple were due to celebrate the birth of their first grandchild when the tragedy happened.

The Frenchman had admitted causing death by careless driving.

When I was a lad I’m sure killing someone with a car was classed as manslaughter not a motoring offence.


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