5 out of 6 workers were illegal

Posted: June 30, 2011 in British jobs for British workers

IlieFive of the six members of staff on duty at Phoenix Garden restaurant, High Street, Caerleon, south Wales were arrested after they were found to be working illegally at 6pm on Thursday 23 June.

A Malaysian man was found to have had stayed in the country after his visa expired, while two more Malaysian men and two Chinese men has entered the UK illegally.

While checks were being carried out, one of the men attempted to hide in a cellar while a second man tried to scarper from the back of the building before being caught.

IlieAll five men – who had been working as chefs and waiters – were arrested and taken to Newport Central police station.

Two of the Malaysian men remain in immigration detention pending their deportation. The other three offenders have been placed on immigration bail and left to disappear into the community to await an amnesty.

The restaurant had to close when immigration officers left because only one member of staff was left on the premises. The employment of five illegal workers should see the restaurant closed indefinitely.

This infuriated me

Two people were arrested at Birmingham airport on 24 June by officers investigating a suspected immigration scam.

The man and woman had arrived on a flight from Brussels and were arrested just after they presented their passports.

British national Anton Jgonndoci, 29, was charged with facilitation while Albanian national Pranvera Jgonndoci, also 29, was charged with two identity offences and seeking leave to remain by deception. One Jgonndoci is an Albanian but the other Jgonndoci is described as a British national. It seems anyone from anywhere in the world can be described as a British national simply by being on UK soil.

Both individuals appeared at Solihull Magistrates on 27 June where they will be remanded into custody until 12 July.

Get on the ‘dog and bone’ to Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111


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