Fake visa factory found

Posted: June 26, 2011 in Law & Disorder

I’ve noticed lately that a lot of Bangladeshis have been caught working illegally in the UK and here’s probably why.

IlieA suspected visa forgery ring in Bangladesh has been shut down following an investigation by the UK Border Agency and local police.

A large haul of fake visas, stolen passports and immigration stamps which could have been used to attempt to illegally enter countries including the UK was uncovered when police swooped on a forgery factory.

Eight people were arrested after a fake visa discovered by a UK Border Agency officer in the capital Dhaka was traced back to the forgers’ base in the city of Sylhet in north east Bangladesh.

Following the detection of the forged visa by a UK Border Agency entry clearance officer, the agency’s RALON (risk and liaison overseas network) team in Dhaka worked with the US Embassy in Bangladesh and Bangladeshi police to trace the forgery back to the factory. Bangladeshi immigration special branch officers then moved in on the alleged forgers. The police investigation is ongoing.

UK Border Agency officers receive detailed forgery and detection training and last year detected over 27,000 forged travel or supporting documents used to support visa applications worldwide.


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