Sure Start to be privatised?

Posted: June 25, 2011 in Broken Britain

Croydon’s 26 Sure Start children’s centres could be run by private companies under new cost-cutting plans.

IlieWe all know what that means, immediate redundancies to save money, sharp practices and corners cut to make a profit for shareholders and total disregard for those needing the centres.

The Sure Start children’s centres used by thousands of families across the borough are to be outsourced to reduce the cost of early years services provision.

If you want to force mothers back into work to gain tax revenue, as the Tories do, then it’s only fair decent subsidised services are available to look after their young children while they are at work and not leave them to profit making couldn’t careless private companies.

The Conservative led council says that companies, charities and voluntary groups can bid to run the centres with management costs cut by redundancies and by joining centres together to share resources. There’s the green light for job losses and centre closures already.

The council has pledged that none of the twenty six centres will close as a result of the measures. Words are cheap, when a private company decides to close down a centre because it’s not financially viable they will and the council will not be able to do anything about it.

While bids will be welcomed from council staff who already manage the centres, the local authority concedes national organisations will be more successful than small local groups.

The council admitted that there will be a number of redundancies in some centres, “particularly those in less disadvantaged areas”.


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