National anthem singing, a crime.

Posted: June 22, 2011 in Law & Disorder

That will please all those embarrassed players who mime with barely moving lips as the tv cameras zoom into their faces at major football matches.

Anyway, supporters could be jailed for singing God Save the Queen or Flower of Scotland under the SNP’s new law to crack down on sectarianism.

Making the sign of the cross or singing Rule Britannia could also be regarded as an offence under certain circumstances once the Offensive Behaviour at Football and Threatening Communications (Scotland) Bill legislation comes into force next football season.

IlieThe length of that name for a piece of legislation leads itself to the makings of a football chant in itself. What about all those catholic football players who cross themselves as they run onto the pitch.

Community safety minister Roseanna Cunningham yesterday said that such songs and gestures could be regarded as offensive acts when she was questioned about the SNP’s anti-sectarian bill being fast-tracked through parliament.

The bill outlaws religious, homophobic and racist abuse by fans at, and on the way to and from football matches. It is also designed to crack down on fans spreading bigoted abuse on the internet. Under the legislation, those found guilty of the new offences of “offensive behaviour” or “threatening communications” can expect sentences ranging from a £40 fixed penalty to a five-year prison sentence or unlimited fine.

Back door into UK found

Three members of an Italy-based criminal gang believed to have facilitated the illegal entry of Brazilians into the UK were arrested on 8th June following cooperation between UKBA, the Italian authorities, and the Immigration Affairs team at Ryanair.

The three men, an Italian, a Brazilian and a Senegalese citizen, were arrested by the Milan Border Police at Malpensa Airport and are suspected to have assisted Brazilians in Italy by providing forged Italian identity cards and arranging travel for them by air from the north of Italy to the UK via Ireland. A fourth person, also from Senegal, is also wanted for arrest.

The Italian Operation “Barqueiro” began in November 2009, when, on arrival at a UK airport, a Brazilian citizen coming from Italy was refused entry after presenting a forged Italian identity card at the border. The Brazilian citizen had allegedly contacted the facilitators through a website, presumably

Apparently Brazilian migrants, who do not need a visa to enter Italy as visitors, had flown directly there from Brazil. Following a short stay in Italy, arranged by the gang, they obtained forged identity cards showing their nationality to be Italian, and instructions to be credible as Italians. The migrants then flew to the UK, presenting their genuine Brazilian passport when leaving Italy and the forged Italian identity card upon arrival. Each migrant is believed to have paid €2000-2500 to the gang for their ‘services’.

Now for something depressing.

With Toff Tories policy of ‘work ’til you die’, enabling the government to get the maximum amount of tax revenue out of everyone, the government have produced a pension age calculator so you can see when you can now retire. If you are a woman, have the smelling salts handy, you’re in for a shock!

Pension Age Calculator


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