When white is black

Posted: June 21, 2011 in Law & Disorder

A Nigerian woman has been able to spend 15 years travelling on a British passport in an unsuspecting white British woman’s name, can you ‘Adam and Eve’ that.

It only came to light after the real Carol Anne Keast tried to renew her passport and was interrogated to find out whether she was who she claimed to be.

The 53-year-old provided proof of her identity and an alert was raised for the mystery black woman travelling the world using her name.

IlieThe bogus Carol Anne Keast, thought to be an illegal immigrant and 20 years younger, was arrested following a break in Marbella with her unsuspecting television producer boyfriend.

Apparently the non-lookalike had obtained a copy of Carol Anne Keast’s birth certificate in 1989 and used to it obtain a passport in that name in 1995. She renewed the passport in 2005.

But last November, the bogus Carol Anne Keast flew into Manchester Airport and was challenged by immigration officers. Well done that officer.

The impostor was unable to give any information to support her claim to be the real Carol Anne Keast, insisting she suffered from memory loss.

She was jailed for nine months at Minshull Street Crown Court, Manchester, for fraudulent use of a passport.

The impostor also obtained a driving licence under the name Carol Anne Keast. Investigators are expected to examine whether she fraudulently claimed benefits during her two decades living a lie.

Collateral damage of foreign drivers.

A 32-year-old Polish national has been arrested on suspicion of dangerous driving after a fatal crash on the M20 motorway in Kent.

The incident happened on Sunday at 9.50pm when a Ford Jeep collided with a Luton van on the London-bound carriageway at junction 11 near Sellindge.

A spokesman for Kent Police said the jeep overturned and a passenger was thrown from the vehicle.

Both the passenger and driver of the jeep were taken to hospital with serious head injuries. The driver, a 48-year-old man, died from his injuries earlier this morning.


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