Surgery replacing medicine with cheaper version.

Posted: June 19, 2011 in NHS WATCH

Talking about not getting an appointment with the Weller’s GP, reminded me that Mrs W had a letter from the surgery pharmacist the other day which makes interesting reading.

Apparently the doctor has agreed a change to Mrs W’s prescription, at the moment she is taking Atorvastatin 20mg tablets, the pharmacist wants it changed to Simvastatin 40gm tablets. Hold up, that’s twice the dosage.

The letter goes on, Simvastatin “which works in exactly the same way” and “should have the same beneficial effects”. You need twice the dosage and it still may or may not have the same beneficial effect?

Now for the guilt trip part of the letter, “a more expensive medicine does not necessarily work any better than a less expensive one”. I don’t know about you but a cheap article usually means it’s shoddy and more liable to break than the expensive version.

The letter goes on, “where there is more than one choice it is sensible for us to prescribe the one that is effective and be the least expensive for the National Health Service”.

To sum up Mrs W’s doctor has been told to prescribe a weaker, cheaper medicine that may be as effective as the one she is receiving now just to save money so NHS paper shufflers can keep their big fat wage packets.

Anyway I’ve received a few requests for a picture of Mrs W, so here she is, isn’t she lovely?



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