33 illegal workers found in one building

Posted: June 12, 2011 in British jobs for British workers, Environment

Thirty three illegal workers were arrested during a raid by UKBA officers on 12 textile businesses in Leicester’s Imperial typewriter Building.

IlieActing on intelligence, more than 70 of UKBA officers supported by Leicestershire Constabulary, HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC), Trading Standards, DWP and the Health and Safety Executive and ‘Uncle Tom Cobleigh an all’ executed warrants at the East Park Road premises on 7 June 2011.

In one of the biggest illegal working operations ever undertaken in the Midlands, officers checked the immigration status of around 80 workers at the different businesses.

Of those workers, 33 were found to have no right to be in the UK, yes 33 nearly half of the workers.

The 26 men and 7 women from Pakistan and India are being held at a Leicester police station.

As well as the arrests, £1,200 in cash was seized from 1 illegal worker under the Proceeds of Crime Act.

This operation comes shortly after a raid on another textile business in Leicester.

On 26 May, officers visited Fiaz Clothing Ltd in Gwendolen Road. Immigration checks revealed that 14 members of staff, 12 Indian nationals, 1 from Pakistan and 1 from Mauritius had no permission to work.

Remember if you suspect that illegal workers are being employed at a business get on the ‘dog and bone’ to Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

Killer cucumber update

This killer cucumbers or killer bean-sprouts e-coli outbreak depending whether you live in Spain, who threw away thousands of cucumbers, or Germany where their bean-sprouts are suspect and all 22 deaths have happened has a positive side.

Ashford, Kent company Foodari Direct, who deliver locally produced food to homes and restaurants across the South-East of England have had a 30% increase in business in the last week alone.

So buy British, we play the game with health and safety laws, you know it makes sense.

Water shortage

The latest media scare seems to be a shortage of water, ‘the driest Spring since records began’ they all shout. Food prices will rocket, water rationing everywhere. But hold up, the Weller family catch rain water off our gutters and the like to use it to water plants, I seem to remember a wet autumn.

We’ve got bins full of it in the garden and we live in a drought prone area where the council announces a thousand new houses being built with great fanfare. No one ever queries whether the particular area chosen for this new build has enough water or energy to serve these new houses.

I suggest to you it is not the amount of water that falls on our green and pleasant land that is the problem but past governments letting in millions and millions of immigrants who have over populated our country straining our infrastructure.

Millions of extra houses built to house the immigrants, all those washing machines, dish washers, all those toilets being flushed, cars being washed, thousands of miles of old unmaintained Victorian water pipes straining under the increased flow of water. In the Weller family road we have at least two major water leaks every year, gallons pouring away down the drains.

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