Chinese brothel operated near police station

Posted: June 10, 2011 in Law & Disorder

Raid on a Chinese herbalist suspected of being run as a brothel.

IlieThe joint operation between Northumbria Police and the UK Border Agency (UKBA) involved around 50 officers, saw five people arrested on suspicion of sex trafficking and rescued two women allegedly being forced to work as prostitutes.

Two white men believed to be punters were also lead away from the Chinese Medical Centre, Pilgrim Street, Newcastle.

The shop less than 100 yards away from the city’s main police station and in full view, advertises massages, Chinese Viagra and treatments to boost sex drive in its window.

The UKBA said those suspected of being involved in sex trafficking and the rescued women were Chinese.

Officers led out a silver-haired man in handcuffs, and separately, a woman in her 20s in glasses.

Elsewhere in the city, police arrested two others and a simultaneous raid in Foyle Street, Sunderland, saw a woman held for questioning.

It was later confirmed two men aged 63 and 39 and three women aged 39, 28 and 23 were arrested. The two women believed to be forced into prostitution will be given help before an assessment is made of what to do with them, allowed to stay in this country at taxpayers’ expense I shouldn’t wonder.

So much for migrants being good for the economy

Apparently Romanians living in Britain send home nearly £500,000 every day.

A total of £41million left the UK for the Eastern European country over a three-month period, said the Romanian Central Bank.

Last year alone, the Romanian economy was boosted by £2.5billion sent from abroad.

Migrants responsible for death of elderly too

A spinster was gagged, bound and left to die in her bedroom by two Polish burglars.

Kuba Dlugosz, 33, and Szymon Wyrostek, 26, locked 83-year-old Eveline Kelmenson inside her large north London home after stripping her of a gold necklace and wedding ring.

The pensioner, known as Lina, suffered a ‘slow death’ from hypothermia over the days that followed as she lay helpless on her bedroom floor unable to free herself from the restraints.

Jurors heard the break-in had taken place overnight on November 27 and 28, 2008.

But police only found her body five weeks later, on January 1 2009, after relatives became concerned that she could not be contacted.

Inside the property, a five-bedroom terraced house in Leweston Place, Stamford Hill, officers found three chisels which Dlugosz and Wyrostek had used to force entry.

Both men were ‘burglars, robbers’ who had committed a string of offences in their native Poland and in London, where they had arrived in 2007. So what idiot let them into our country? Do you know in May, Japan refused Russell Brand entry into their country because of his criminal record, fraudulently posing as a comic I shouldn’t wonder.

Anyway I digress, Dlugosz was arrested in July 2010 after police had linked him forensically to DNA found on one of the tools left inside the house. Wyrostek was picked up two months later in September.

Argos update

Remember my piece about Argos refusing to sell cutlery to under 21’s and mentioning Argos prices are not as cheap as they used to be.

Well I received an email yesterday stating that for the price of one Argos child safety gate you can buy two from Sure Start and get change. I checked our local Sure Start and it’s true, what a bargain!


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