Argos loses plot

Posted: June 8, 2011 in Broken Britain, Law & Disorder

Our local Argos have been cutting staff hours recently probably because internet orders represent 36% of Argos’ total sales, plus another 10% being products ordered either in-store or by telephone for home delivery consequently less people visit their stores.

I read that on Argos business review on Home Retail Group website, don’t think I’m some financial wizard. I’m only a puppet.

Mind you Mrs W has found that lately Argos prices can be beaten particularly for Wii controls and PS3 games at ASDA.

However I’ve got another reason why less people visit their stores judging by what happened to one of the Weller’s daughters.

Needing some new cutlery she looked on the internet, selected her choice plus some other items, ordered for in-store collection and trotted off down the ‘frog and toad'(road) to collect.

Guess what, she was refused them because she couldn’t prove she was over 21, can you ‘Adam and Eve’ (believe) that?

Obviously not going on holiday or having to produce her driving licence at the police station that day she wasn’t walking around with any id. Although having a load of ‘saucepan lids’ (kids) in tow may have been a clue she was over 21.

The Argos assistant even had the cheek, after refusing to give her the cutlery, to say she could have the other items. Being of Weller stock she told her where to put them!

Thinking she had been served by a particularly officious jobsworth she complained to Argos head office only to be told it was company policy.

No wonder young people order so many takeaways and students are so thin it’s because they cannot buy any cutlery to eat their meals with!

The story has a happy ending though our resourceful daughter went to the £1 shop and bought her cutlery at a rock bottom price.

Note for me: look on the internet and see how many people are killed by forks and spoons.


Morally bankrupt UK roundup

A millionaire dentist who used a dead man’s disabled badge to park his Ferrari for free faces being struck off the dental register after a judge ruled he must stand trial for fraud.

Dr Chirag Patel, 33, admitted two charges of misusing the permit on December 8 and 9, 2009.

But he denied a third and more serious count of fraud, which carries a sentence of up to five years imprisonment and could mean he is struck off if he is convicted.

Dr Patel, who lives in a £2m house in Coombe Lane West, Kingston, tried to get the charge, which his lawyers claimed was “irrational and oppressive”, thrown out at South Western Magistrates’ Court today.

However, district Judge Barbara Barnes ruled Wandsworth Council acted properly by pursuing the case and the dentist must return to face trial on September 9.

IlieA 43-year-old man committed benefit fraud months after he had been given a caution for an identical offence.

Blackburn magistrates heard David Jolly claimed housing and council tax benefit while he was working and also claiming working tax credit. The fraudulent claim resulted in an overpayment of £1,462.

Jolly, of Mill Lane, Blackburn, pleaded guilty to failing to notify a change of circumstances. He was ordered to do 180 hours unpaid work and pay £1,462 compensation.

Babajide Martins, prosecuting, said in March 2010 Jolly had fraudulently claimed £1,770 and had been dealt with by way of a caution, repayment and an administrative penalty.

The latest offence related to the period June 26 to October 17 when Jolly had been receiving housing and council tax. He failed to declare he was working for Neville G Ltd between June and August and for First Rate Recruitment in October.

A headteacher who had his BMW car burned out in an insurance scam has been spared a prison sentence.

Alan Bromley, 45, who has been suspended from his post as headteacher at Wheatley Hill Primary School, in County Durham, was sentenced to 12 weeks in prison, suspended for 12 months.

At an earlier hearing at Durham Crown Court, a jury was told Bromley was arrested after making a fraudulent claim to the Liverpool Victoria Insurance Company.

Bromley parked his car outside the village workingmen’s club, where some of his pupils were performing in a community carol concert, on December 2, 2009.

He said, he left the function with the deputy head – his partner Joanne Nugent – in her car as he had a few drinks. The BMW was later found alight near Bishop Middleham.

A four-year lease agreement stipulated Bromley had to pay 4.03p per mile surcharge, if he exceeded 6,000 miles a year in the car – but a computer chip in the keys showed he had completed more than 50,000 on the night it was found.

Tony Davis, mitigating, said Bromley’s crime amounted to an attempted fraud, as the insurance company had not paid out. Bromley had made financial arrangements to pay £11,500 owed to BMW finance. Bromley, of Low Knitsley Farm Cottaged, near Consett, who denied fraud, was ordered to pay £2,000 costs.

A woman narrowly avoided a prison sentence after fraudulently claiming £37,000 in benefits despite her family owning a portfolio of properties worth more than £1 million.

Anuysa Parmar, 51, was told she was “very fortunate” not to be jailed as a judge imposed a 24-week prison sentence suspended for two years and ordered her to do 100 hours of unpaid work after she admitted three counts of benefit fraud at Leeds Crown Court.

The court was told Parmar fraudulently claimed income support, council tax and housing benefit over a seven-year period while owning her own home which she bought from her council under the right to buy scheme. Other family members also owned a total of 10 properties between them in north Leeds.

The court was told her initial claims for benefit were not fraudulent but over a number of years she failed to tell the authorities of her financial situation and received overpayments totalling £36,938.47.

During the investigation into her family’s activities by Leeds City Council, the Department for Work and Pensions and West Yorkshire Police, officers discovered more than £100,000 in used notes spilling out of plastic carrier bags in the home of the defendant’s mother. The cash was confiscated by West Yorkshire Police.

Parmar was investigated along with three members of her family – her mother and two brothers – who between them also falsely claimed a total of £57,194 in benefits.

A British diplomat allowed scores of Albanians to flood into the country on fraudulent visas to work in care homes.

Mark Griffith is accused of helping a crooked businessman give them a ‘passport to come and live here forever’ in a massive immigration scam.

The embassy official in the Albanian capital of Tirana allegedly ‘turned a blind eye’ to fake work permit applications by recruitment consultant Samuel Fongho. This allowed dozens of Albanian immigrants to work as care home assistants around Britain.

Southwark Crown Court heard the lucrative swindle relied on Fongho convincing a work permit office in Sheffield that his 68 applicants were taking on skilled vacancies which could not be filled by British or EU nationals.

Desperate to get a British passport, immigrants were prepared to pay Fongho’s recruitment firm – Concept Care Solutions – £7,122 to come here, while Fongho is also said to have pocketed fees from the care homes where his clients found work.

Once the paper applications had been signed off by the Sheffield office, the workers went in person to the British Embassy in Albania to see Griffith, who worked as an entry clearance officer.

A respected GP who sexually assaulted girls as young as seven in his surgery is facing jail.

Dr Antony Collis, 59, molested five children under the age of 14 at his country practice. In some cases their mothers were sat just feet away behind a curtain.

The married father carried out ‘indecently motivated examinations’ when he was supposed to be treating the schoolgirls for minor complaints such as sore throats and stomach pains.

The attacks – between 1995 and August 2003 – happened during 25-minute ‘counselling’ sessions, which were longer than the usual ten-minute slots offered for regular surgery bookings. One seven year-old girl who complained of headaches was told to get on the couch and take off her trousers before the doctor molested her.


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