Cameron grab homes for immigrants?

Posted: June 4, 2011 in Broken Britain

Downing Street David Cameron tinkers to free up housing for the homeless whilst Britain gives amnesty to 250,000 asylum seekers living here.

IlieWe’ve already had old people forced from their homes if the homes are considered to be too big for their needs.

Now it appears that council houses are to be taken away from rich tenants who earn more than £100,000, I would have thought anyone earning that amount of money and living on a council estate should be sectioned not evicted.

Ministers will target those who could afford to buy or rent a house comfortably but instead choose to live in a council house at lower rents than those paid in the private sector.

That’s rich coming from people earning £60,000+ and having their houses bought for them by taxpayers.

According to a Whitehall analysis, plus probably snatching some of the figures from the air, there are said to be up to 6,000 people in social housing with an income greater than £100,000. Hold up, that phrase ‘up to’ could mean anything from 1 to 5999.

A range of options is now being considered to free up this housing, which ministers say is being kept from those in need. These include granting new powers to councils, and the social landlords they control, to take homes away when it is clear that the income in the household is more than £100,000.

Don’t tell me, penalty fines if the tenants don’t vacate.

Finding a few thousand homes here a few thousand homes there is not going to sort out a housing shortage caused by millions of immigrants being allowed into an already over populated country.


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