Obviously Britain hasn’t got talent

Posted: June 3, 2011 in General

IlieSurely television’s Europe’s Got Talent, ooops sorry Britain’s Got Talent has broken some sort of trade descriptions law.

Mrs W has been avidly watching Britain’s Got Talent and last night I looked up from dubbing my hobnail boots to hear an announcement from Simon Cowell saying he was bringing back dancer Michael Moral.

Hold up I thought didn’t he get booted off in a ‘dance off’ in favour of Romanian dancer Razy Gogonea a few weeks ago. It’s one thing letting wannabe entertainers born abroad but now living in Britain to take part in Britain’s Got Talent but to ship in a Frenchman who lives in France, who needed an interpreter for the auditions, by Eurostar seems against the spirit of the programme.

What’s Mr Cowell saying, Britain hasn’t got talent so he’ll let anyone in the world enter so he can find a new star and increase his bank balance.

Something is amiss and it’s not an unmarried woman.

Talking about foreigners

A quarter of a million failed asylum seekers have been granted an ‘amnesty’ in Britain over the past two decades.
Chaos in the immigration system has forced ministers to allow some 256,000 failed asylum seekers to stay since the early 1990s, according to figures compiled by the MigrationWatch think-tank.


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