Southern Cross Healthcare

Posted: June 2, 2011 in Broken Britain

David Cameron has been urged to step in with a “rescue plan” for more than 31,000 elderly care home residents as Britain’s biggest private care provider faces financial ruin.

Southern Cross has announced it will be reducing its rent payments by a third as it cannot afford to meet its annual rental costs of £230 million any more.

Elderly campaigners, charities and union leaders warned that the threat of collapse at Southern Cross Healthcare would be a “catastrophe” that could threaten the lives of residents at its 750 homes.

In response, Downing Street offered a “guarantee” that elderly and disabled people in Southern Cross homes would not lose out, but declined to say whether any emergency funding would be available.

Perhaps Downing Street David plans to divert some of the £billions he gives away in foreign aid to save our elderly from dying.

The crisis comes as the public spending watchdog, the Audit Commission warns that the quality of services for elderly people will be under further threat as councils are forced to negotiate lower fees for private care places.

Southern Cross, which made a £311 million loss in the six months to the end of March, has blamed its problems on reduced council spending on long-term care. The group announced this week that it will be forced to cut the rent it pays to the landlords of the homes it runs by 30% for four months.

What’s going to be the financial knock on effect for the landlords?

Detention centre

Remember my piece about Croydon UKBA cancelled immigration raids because there was no room at the detention centre. I mentioned that a new dentention centre was opening at Morton Hall, well it has and it’s the ‘state of the art’. Have a look HERE but I’m issuing a health warning for those with high blood pressure.

By the way killer cucumbers have claimed their 17th victim.


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