Britain, mug of the world

Posted: May 27, 2011 in Broken Britain

IlieDo you know Downing Street David Cameron has agreed to pump millions more into foreign aid whilst making drastic financial cuts at home, some of those cuts may cost many old people their lives.

A report released at the G8 summit reveals that Britain spends more on aid as a percentage of national income than any other country in the world.

The UK is spending exactly twice as much on foreign handouts as a share of Gross Domestic Product as the G8 average of the world’s leading economies.

A reader has sent me this picture of the woman who was too fat for court.


Meanwhile it’s a case of one law for the rich another for the poor.

The first MP jailed over the parliamentary expenses scandal has been released from prison after serving just a quarter of his 18-month sentence.

David Chaytor spent four and a half months behind bars after admitting he fiddled his expenses to falsely claim more than £22,000 of taxpayers’ money.

The ex-Labour MP for Bury North has been freed from Spring Hill open prison, near Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, under the home detention curfew scheme, which allows non-violent prisoners who pose a low risk to be tagged and released early.

Chaytor, 61, became the first former MP to be jailed since Tory peer Lord Archer when he was sentenced in January.

  1. Lee says:

    The liberal elite who rule this country just don’t have a clue; they have no idea about how much poverty there is in this country. Several years ago when I was doing voluntary work I was in the office when a woman came in and a few minutes later fainted because she hadn’t eaten for three days…then there was the man walking fifteen miles a day to attend college because he couldn’t afford the bus fare…and of course, there’s myself, diagnosed with chronic bronchitis three years ago because for ten years I couldn’t afford to heat the house properly during the winter.

    Charity begins at home Mr. Cameron…mind you, your family doesn’t need any.

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