Donate to charities or…….

Posted: May 23, 2011 in General, Law & Disorder

…………we will make you!

IlieMiddle earners, what ever wage band that refers to – somewhere between a premiership footballer and minimum wage I suppose – about £50,000 a week, will be told today they do not give enough money to good causes as the Government unveils plans to ask for charitable donations of between 10p and £10 every time people use a cash machine.

That won’t affect MP’s because they will claim their donations back on expense accounts.

The Cabinet Office, in a White Paper on giving, will say there is evidence that the poorest donors give more as a percentage of their income than middle-income households and the wealthiest.

Doh obvious, £5 out of a minimum wage is going to be a lot less percentage than £5 out of a higher weekly wage.

Other plans include encouraging shops and restaurants to adopt ‘round the pound’ schemes, in which customers are encouraged to agree to round up their bills and donate the pennies of their change to charity.

If some shop owner does that to the Weller family we will never go into that shop ever again.

The Government will also launch a ‘major campaign’ to promote payroll giving, where employees are encouraged to commit a slice of their monthly pay cheque to charity. Just what a mortgaged to the hilt worker wants in these austere financial times when taxpayers’ money is pouring into countries under foreign aid programmes.

How long before penalty fines are dished out to people who don’t donate to charities?

I expect the real reason people don’t donate to charities is because like the Weller family we have realised most of the money is filched off long before it actually gets to the people it is supposed to be for. To give an example, to pay the ‘charity chugger fees.

Anyway to change the subject

A comment has turned up in my email purporting to be from from Vasily Kobas relating to the article about stolen passports.

It says: “it is not complitly tru,becouse i am not gealty!” So I thought I’ll do a bit of research as I don’t want to give inaccurate info to my readers.

Here’s an UKBA report concerning the court case where Mr Kovbas pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 16 months which appears to be have been shortened dramatically as he is emailing me from Russia only 5 months later.

UKBA Border Agency
29 December 2010

Three people have been jailed for illegally smuggling approximately 100 passports and identity documents into the UK, following an investigation by the UK Border Agency’s west London immigration crime team.

Vladimir Kurlovich, a naturalised British citizen from Belarus, and Ukrainian nationals Vasily Kovbas and Ewa Marfijana were arrested after raids on properties in Keswick Gardens, Wembley, and St Paul’s Avenue, Willesden Green, on Friday 20 August 2010.

Documents including Lithuanian, Polish and Latvian passports, identity cards and driving licences were found at both addresses.

The trio were charged with offences under the Identity Cards Act, and pleaded guilty following a hearing at Harrow Crown Court. On Thursday 16 December, 36-year-old Kovbas was jailed for 16 months and Marfijana, aged 50, was sentenced to 11 months in prison. On Friday 17 December, 39-year-old Kurlovich was given a 12-month sentence.

The operation followed the discovery of 2 packages of Lithuanian passports by UK Border Agency officers working at the Mount Pleasant postal sorting office in north London.

Following checks by experts at our national document fraud unit, officers from the west London immigration crime team mounted an undercover operation to track the packages to their destinations.

All but 1 of the documents discovered at the addresses in Willesden Green and Wembley were genuine, and it is suspected that they had been stolen from or sold by their original owners.

Guilty or not guilty, you decide.

  1. kovbas vasily says:

    if paasport-biznes was be my,i will be has a privet lower, and never be sentansed. That the tru.! But , who wont worke hard, esy was make guilty us.And, my santans finish 21 aipril, and i writing you,from england

  2. kovbas vasily says:

    This is my last coment, becouse i know, i never do not found tru here.People ,who know me, and knowing my personality, never beleaved you.You coment is nice joke,wich contineu broke my life.Do not tell anyone about reabilitetion, afte prison.Do not tell about halpes.Sorry for my inglish gramma and writing.

  3. vaso ibrahimov says:


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