Two restaurants = 11 illegal workers

Posted: May 21, 2011 in British jobs for British workers

Four men and two women have been arrested by UK Border Agency officers targeting immigration offenders at a restaurant in Rhondda.

IlieActing on information received, officers went to Thai Elephant, Trebanog Road, Porth, and checked the immigration status of people on site.

The checks revealed that six people – three men and a woman from Malaysia and a man and a woman from China – had all stayed in the UK illegally after their visas expired.

The six were taken to Cardiff Bay police station for further questioning.

The four Malaysian nationals remain in immigration detention pending their removal from the UK . The Chinese nationals have been placed on immigration bail and must report regularly to a local police station giving them plenty of time to scarper into the world of UK illegal people.


Five illegal workers have been caught following an immigration raid at Wusungdan, High Street, Crawley by the UK Border Agency.

Officers went to the restaurant on 16 May. After checking the immigration status of staff they found two women aged 24 and 29, and three men aged 35, 36, and 37 – all from China – working illegally.

All of them have been placed on immigration bail and must report regularly to a local police station. Yeah right!

Talking about foreigners

A gang of east European drug smugglers has been jailed for a total of 84 years for trying to smuggle £4 million of cocaine through Dover on a cruise ship.

Eighty four years sounds a lot but it’s only 12 years each then UK’s special prison sentence discount of serving only half of it becomes 6 years for dealing in death.

Seven people – two Lithuanian men, a Lithuanian woman, two Latvian men and two Latvian women – were arrested on May 21, 2010, after 35 kilos of the drug was found onboard the MSC Opera which was en route to Amsterdam from Brazil.

In four cabins UKBA officers found bodysuits designed to be worn under clothing to conceal drugs, and tape or bandages for strapping drug concealments to bodies.

Six of the smugglers pleaded guilty to attempting to smuggle the cocaine and the remaining one, Ziedonis Auzins, was found guilty after trial in February.


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