UKBA back to work.

Posted: May 13, 2011 in British jobs for British workers

UKBA appear to be back to work after shutdown April.

Six illegal workers have been caught by UK Border Agency officers during a raid on a clothing manufacturer in Leicester.

Officers visited Reset Clothing Ltd in St. Saviours Road at 10:50 on Thursday 5 May. They sealed all exits before questioning staff and checking their immigration status.

A Sri Lankan man, aged 31, and a Pakistani woman, 37, were identified as failed asylum seekers with no right to employment. Both were arrested and detained while arrangements are made to deport them.

Four Indian nationals were also caught working without permission. Checks revealed that two men, aged 42 and 48, had overstayed their visit visas while another man, 46, was a failed asylum seeker. A woman, 33, was identified as an illegal entrant to the UK.

Guess what, they were all released on immigration bail, and must now report regularly to an immigration office unless they scarper to illegally work elsewhere!

Do you know Immigration officials receive 300 reports a day of suspected illegal migrants and other abuses. So why is Downing Street David Cameron cutting the Border Agency budget?

Council finds way of getting even more money from the public.

Parents will have to pay a £2.50 charge for their children to use an adventure playground in a ‘tax on fun’.

The pilot scheme at Battersea Park in Central London will see the charge levied at weekends on five-to 16-year-olds.


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