Police abandon assault victim

Posted: May 4, 2011 in Law & Disorder

Police catch criminals? They can’t even identify two officers who abandoned a blinded street-attack victim in New Romney, Kent

Father-of-two Peter Cox, 34, was left blind in one eye after he was knocked unconscious by a gang of thugs on the edge of St Martin’s Field in August 2009.

His jaw and nose were also broken as the thugs stamped on his head, causing such horrific injuries that his own daughter did not recognise him.

As paramedics were treating Mr Cox, two police officers pulled up but then swiftly drove off, apparently saying: “It isn’t our shout.”

It was six hours before the next police officer arrived at the scene. Later, five men were arrested but released because of a lack of evidence.

Despite a long investigation, Kent Police say they have not been able to identify the officers who drove off.

Last summer Mr Cox made an emotional appeal in the Herald for witnesses to come forward and said he had been ordered by officers to keep the complaint secret.

The insurance broker, who has permanently lost more than 80% of the vision in his left eye and has gone through several programmes of counselling.

The law is an ass.

IlieA convicted paedophile who downloaded child porn on his landlady’s computer has been given another suspended jail term.

Martin Fuller, 24, was already subject to a three-month suspended sentence when police found a total of 89 indecent images and movie clips on a computer at his Minster lodgings in August last year.

Fuller, of no fixed address, admitted two offences of possessing indecent photographs of a child and three of making indecent photographs of a child between January and August last year. The images were rated in seriousness by police as levels one, three and four.

Fuller was given 12 months jail suspended for two years, with a condition that he attends the Home Office-accredited Internet Sex Offender Treatment Programme.

The court heard Fuller, formerly of High Street, Milton Regis, received a previous suspended jail sentence in November 2009 after downloading child pornography.

More Luton sham marriage update received

Apparently a cousin of Ashar Ali Rathore is standing in the local elections in the Saints ward of Luton. The candidates name is Asma Rathore, she is standing for the Labour Party. Another cousin of Mrs Rathore, Zafar Subhani, has absconded and is wanted by the police. Ashar Ali Rathores wife (Nadia Qadri) who is also related to Asma was sentenced to 8 months.

Mrs Asma Rathore sister Shagufta Siddique who lives at the same address in Luton has a confiscation order of £162,000 for defrauding the council, she has joint liability with her husband Ahmed Siddique. They had until the 30th of April to pay this or go to jail.


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