Drugs stolen under police noses

Posted: May 3, 2011 in Law & Disorder

IlieAfter finding a 1,000 or so cannabis plants South Wales Police detectives were making the most of their triumph by posing for publicity photos in front of the cannabis farm.

But alas, round the back thieves were stuffing the cannabis plants into the proverbial black sacks and chucking them into a waiting van. Luckily for the superstar police out front a curtain twitcher spotted what was happening and alerted the police.

But, by then, an estimated £15,000 of cannabis plants had been half-inched. (pinched)

Police had uncovered the massive drugs farm by chance in a former nightclub at Merthyr Tydfil.

Officers were carrying out an investigation nearby when they got a whiff of the drugs and followed their noses to the disused building.

They broke in and found more than 1,000 plants under a sophisticated hydroponic lighting and irrigation system.

The plantation was so large that council waste experts (binmen?) were called in to dispose of the plants. To guard the haul until they arrived, two Police Community Support Officers were told to keep watch at the front of the building. Unfortunately the back of the old nightclub was left unguarded. Doh, leaving boys to do a man’s job?

Four Vietnamese men, no surprise there then – aged 26 to 48 – are in custody charged with jointly producing cannabis.


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