Half a million backlog of asylum cases

Posted: April 26, 2011 in Broken Britain

IlieAt the moment Home Office is trying to clear a backlog of 450,000 forgotten asylum cases first discovered in 2006.

Those involved unconcluded files dating back to the 1990s and John Reid, the then Home Secretary, pledged to clear by this summer.

Unfortunately 25,345 new asylum cases are awaiting conclusion while the last backlog is being worked on, either for an initial decision or the outcome of an appeal or judicial review.

But the latest delays relate to applications that have been submitted since 2006 suggesting a fresh backlog has been building while officials concentrated on the older files.

However, the figure is likely to be much higher because those figures only relate to applications that were submitted since 2008.

The real bad side to the backlog is once an asylum seeker has been in the country for a long time do-gooder lawyers get them permanent residence because their human rights will be breached if deported.

Confused, well the bottom line is nearly half a million asylum seekers are kicking their heels in our country being supported by the taxpayer because the Home Office can’t do their job properly.


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