Cash Cow public

Posted: April 24, 2011 in General

Joe/Joan Public really are being treated like Cash Cows by the authorities.

IlieWe pay taxes on our wages, Value Added Tax on goods we buy, plus duty on stuff we’ve already paid taxes on when we bought them, council tax, tax on our savings and even when we die we pay death duty.

As well as taxes and duty payments, over the decades successive governments have brought in thousands of petty laws the public can be fined for such as over filling bins, not putting them out on the right day, dropping a minute bit of paper even by accident, not notifying your child is away from school, not informing DLA your car is off the road without road tax not to mention 100,000s of speed cameras and of course parking fines.

But councils get greedy and look for more ways to milk the public of cash and the latest one is to add metered spaces or permit zones to streets where drivers currently park for free.

Drivers in Liverpool, Gloucestershire and Blackpool are among those facing the biggest increases. A total of at least 63 miles of new restrictions are planned by 40 councils.

Official estimates made by councils indicate Britain’s 30 million motorists will pay a record £1.48bn in pay-and-display charges, permits and fines this financial year, equivalent to £50 each.

Now for a new source of income for the Cash Snatchers

Every new pet dog will be microchipped under new Government regulations to relieve dog owners of cash.

Each puppy born and dog sold will have to have an electronic chip implanted under the skin at a cost of about £35.

Though this would apply to anyone breeding dogs, whether they are a breeder or a private person or for that matter someone selling a dog, the cost will surely be passed onto the puppy/dog buyer.

The Dogs Trust estimates that around 800,000 puppies are born each year, 800,000 x £35 is a lot of money. I can’t find the Weller family calculator. Plus there will sure to be a fine for those who don’t comply and the dog wardens will find it easier to track down the owner of a dog which has slipped out of the house/garden, to charge them an exorbitant rate for returning the dog even if it was found only a few hundred yards away. I know someone who this happened too.


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