Smog is good for the planet

Posted: April 22, 2011 in Environment

IlieA smog warning has been issued by the government for the Easter weekend amid fears that a combination of hot weather and pollution could cause health and breathing problems.

Vulnerable people, such as asthmatics, the elderly and heart patients, were advised to be particularly vigilant to any change in their conditions and seek medical help if they experience difficulties.

Fat chance of that, me and Mrs W can’t even get an appointment to see our local quack (doctor, I’m translating for my American readers) during a normal week let alone over Easter and shutdown April.

Anyway, If I remember my ‘O’ level chemistry rightly, smog is created when vehicle exhaust gases such as nitrogen dioxide react with the air in strong sunlight to form ozone.

I remember being sent home from school during the early 1960’s, we used to look out the window and watch the smog appearing over our playing fields, we had those in our school days, then when we couldn’t see out of the window we were let out to try and find our way back home in choking smog or ‘pea souper’ as we used to call it. The good old days.

Hold up though, ozone in the stratosphere protects people from ultra violet rays, isn’t the thinning out of the ozone layer what the alleged eco-destruction of our earth is all about?

Isn’t this threat why the wind farm companies are making fortunes even though recent figures show wind farms only run at 21% efficiency and need electricity from other sources to keep them going?

On the negative side as well as smog saving the planet’s ozone layer at ground level it is toxic and dangerous to health. It can lead to headaches, a sensation of burning eyes, shortness of breath, wheezing and coughing, and can also cause lung inflammation and an increased risk of heart attack.

Could be worth the inconvenience to save the planet and cheaper too.

‘Ere I’ve had a thought, if we could get the wind farms to turn quicker it would blow the smog created ozone up into the stratosphere, planet saved!

Is this a record, £1,460 a week housing benefit

An Ethiopian couple and their ten children are receiving £1,460 a week in housing benefit and will be entitled to unemployment and child benefits, which could add up to an additional £1,300 a week.

Apparently the husband presented himself at a housing office in Tower Hamlets, East London, stating he was a refugee and homeless. Then because the council were stupid to help him he turned up again days later with the 11 other members of his family and demanded they all be housed together and of course to jump the housing queue.

The huge family had only arrived in London from Africa in the past few weeks, it has not been revealed whether the family is suspected of entering the UK illegally before claiming asylum.

Welcome to the lunatic asylum called Britain!


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