Elder protection

Posted: April 20, 2011 in Law & Disorder


Elder Protection is a team dedicated to helping Elderly or Vulnerable victims and the families of victims who have been injured as a result of Abuse, Exploitation, or Negligence. They can be contacted if you have concerns about an elderly person being abused.


This is a bit of a turn around, Australia transporting criminals to Britain.

A career criminal who tried to murder a police officer in Australia was yesterday returned to Britain as a free man.

Officials there ruled that Clifford Tucker, who has committed a string of crimes over almost 30 years, posed an ‘unacceptable risk to the public’.

Tucker, 47, moved from Britain to Australia with his parents aged six, and has lived in Adelaide for 41 years.

But because he never obtained an Australian passport his visa was revoked over his criminal conduct after he returned home from a holiday to Bali. He committed his first crime aged only 11 and has served more than a decade in jail.

Tucker, an alcoholic, has no family in the UK and is entitled to full benefits, including housing support, paid for by you the taxpayer. It is thought he was interviewed by police on his arrival at Heathrow to assess whether he needed monitoring here.

Tucker was made to pay for the costs of his ticket back to Britain and the flight costs of two Australian immigration officials who escorted him.

He has three children aged 16, 15 and 12 in Adelaide. His mother, Terry Haighton, has set up a Facebook site to support his cause. How long before we’re supporting his kids too!

Tucker’s lawyer said sending him home was a ‘fundamental breach of human rights’.

Obviously do-gooding human rights activists don’t have the Australian government by the ‘short and curlies’ like they have in the UK!

Perhaps the Aussies are getting us back for this Charles Tucker?


What nonsense is this?

Designed to celebrate the Royal Wedding, London Premier Inn sites are giving their guests the chance to wake up as Prince William and Kate Middleton by printing images of the Royal couple’s bodies onto a limited selection of duvets at Premier Inn hotels in the capital city.

The duvets will feature printed images from the neck down of Prince William and Kate Middleton and all guests need to do is to get into bed, line their head with the printed bodies and then they can be the future King and Queen for the night.

I wonder if the duvets have been reversed printed for those people who sleep on different sides of the bed to the images printed?

Steve Conway, Premier Inn spokesman says, “We like to treat our guests like Royalty at every opportunity. Now some of our guests can enjoy a great night’s sleep and wake up as a future King or Queen.”


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